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Weekend Recap

I hope you are all ready for a photo dump, I took one too many photos this weekend 😉


Nothing too exciting, I got in a good 7km run once Chloe was in bed. I tried out Tiux compression socks on my run – can you believe I have never tried any before?!

I worried I might feel too hot in the socks but not at all and they fit perfectly (I am wearing a XS) – Tiux is giving my readers 25% off until July 31 using the promo code ARUNNINGTALE – so check them out if you want to try or need compression socks 🙂


The typical morning of Costco & errands. Avery spent more of her hard earned money at Costco and got this doll. I never knew one could need so many dolls. Sigh.

Miss. Chloe helping me out with a fun little projects I did (more on this soon!).

After naps we headed out to take the mandatory canola field photos, Avery had been asking and the fields looked at their peak so we jumped at the chance.

Photo overload!

Avery’s dress is from Finn & Grin and Chloe’s Shorts are Prairie Mountain & Co

We came home and set up the pool. Chad may have chased Avery with the hose a few times 😉

We had an early supper so my Mom could come over to babysit while we headed to the fair to see a concert. The opener was Jocelyn Alice and then Coleman Hell – who we went to see but we ended up liking Jocelyn Alice more!

We stayed a bit after to have mini donuts and watch the fireworks before going home.


We started our run early to spend the day at the fair, we are starting to decrease our long run distance now so did 16km.

We were done by 10am, came home, cleaned up, ate and head to the fair for the day.

Avery did almost all the rides she could, we visited the barn animals, played one game and had our share of treats. Four hours later the clouds rolled in but Avery said she was ready to go home anyways so we headed home.

Chloe was a tad excited for the rides. Next year should be fun when they both can go on them, if Chloe will stay on a ride 😉 Kid cannot stay still!

Family photo minus Chloe who was alseep:



I am always a tad sad to see fair week go since it is so fun but we still have a lot of summer fun left!


Fair Weekend

We had an awesome weekend enjoying our local fair, and actually spent both days there!


How is it I never remember Fridays?! Got it now, we went to visit friend’s after supper, Avery always surprises us doing so good staying up way past her bedtime. We visited until 10pm and called it a night. It was great to catch up especially since they are expecting a baby in a month! I am pretty excited for all the babies due this year!


We woke up to sunny skies after a rainy day Friday Smile We got out of the house early to run errands and grab groceries so we could get home for Avery’s nap since we had a busy day ahead.

We spent the rest of the day at the fair! We did so much! The petting zoo, Super Dogs, animal acrobats, musical performances, bunny jumping contests, ate fair food, and more.

Avery was obsessed with the petting zoo, the goats were her favourite. I did not get any good photos, between her, the goats and all the people it was almost impossible.






That evening we watched the movie Duff which I really liked and thought was cute.


I convinced Chad to join us for our morning run but we failed at taking at photos! We ran 10km and it was pretty darn windy on our route, thankfully Chad took the stroller for me Smile

I was pretty excited to make brunch, Nutella stuffed pancakes! SO good you guys, you must try this recipe!


Avery was not ready to nap yet so instead she helped me with chores then hid under the bar stools while I finished cleaning – toddlers can be so odd Winking smile


During nap time I did more research on painting my front door, and looked at colours online. I had wanted to do this last summer and never got it done so am ready to tackle the project now. The good news? I finally found a colour and bought the paint!

After Avery was up we decided to go back to the fair since Avery had so much fun and Chad wanted a corndog. I figured why not!

More fair photos:




By the end of it, Avery was done, she was getting a little crazy and running around everywhere so we decided it was time to get home. At home she had a temper tantrum under the table during supper versus eating with us – oy, toddlers… Finally, she came around and had supper though.

I am ready for this week because next week we are on holidays again! We are staying around home and having a family stay-cation Smile


Foodie Friday

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? I am not overly, but one “quirk” I do have it always lifting my feet when we drive over railroad tracks…

And just like that another summer week gone…Kind of makes me sad, even though I LOVE summer weekends. This weekend is fairly quiet but next week is busy. Our local fair starts so there is many festivities to take in – the parade, pancake breakfasts, chili cook-offs, and of course the fair itself! Plus next week is the Blogger Meet-Up Leigh organized. I cannot wait!

This week I switched out a few meals, being as it was too hot to cook! Last night’s planned chili? Yeah so not happening, so we made tuna sandwiches instead:)

Tuna sandwich

This week I thought about the temps a bit more when I made this meal plan…

Saturday – Taquitos & salad – Chad’s request

Sunday – Chad’s Mom’s house

Monday – Quinoa Salad with Chicken, Oranges and Avocado – sourceSince it never was made last week!

Tuesday – Perogies, chicken sausages and asparagus

WednesdayTaco Turkey burgers (Sweet Treats & More) and salad

Thursday – Blogger Meet-Up! I am taking this salad.

Friday – Fair night! I think we will grab Mucho Burrito before hitting the fair, then maybe some mini donuts and ice cream 🙂

Tonight’s plan is a gym trip – final day of Livefit week 4 – abs & shoulders, supper and then a trip out for a special Friday treat – Screamers! I have waited all week for this…

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


Do you have any superstitions?

What is your go-to meal when it is too hot to cook?

If I am getting take out – Subway. At home – tuna sandwiches, egg sandwiches and smoothies.

Summer (Fun) List Progress

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope this (cooler) Fall weather is treating you all not too bad 😉

Since summer officially ends this week – even though I LOVE Fall, I am sad for summer to be over (after all, it does mean we are closer to that pesky white stuff!) I decided to share our progress on our summer (fun) list, it also is a fun way to recap our summer! Which was awesome 🙂

Here is the list:

Mini Golf, check:

mini golf



Zoo trip:


U-Pick Berry farm – best strawberries of the summer by the way!


Cool Beans ice cream date:


ice cream sand

My only complaint there, we never had a chance to go back again!

Bike ride & picnic:




Westerner Days:


Pancake breakfast:

Even though we attended three I didn’t take photos – fail, I know, but here is A pancake photo 😉


Drive in movie, which was so much fun!

drive in

Library & Coffee date – let’s be honest here MANY coffee dates happened this summer and we also got a library card, here were the goods from the first trip!


Golf at a new golf course:

chad golf

Breakfast in movie in bed morning – coming tomorrow!

This morning we woke up bright and early to take my car (Betsy) in for an oil change, after a 6000km road trip she needed one! Then we headed out for our weekly long run  (14km this week) – it was a tough one for me… I chalked it up to a couple things, last night after work we went to the gym where I did this 45 minute HIIT treadmill routine, and then last night my legs were kind of tight yet I fell asleep before I stretched. FAIL

Needless to say my legs were pretty tired and tight this morning. Usually we do our long runs Sundays but since it is our one year anniversary we have some R&R planned with breakfast and a movie in bed so I wanted to run today. It was also our last long run before our half marathon in Banff next weekend – super stoked for this!

You will also notice that we did not 100% finish the summer (fun) list, we never went on our hike or made homemade ice cream sandwiches! But I am happy with our results 😉 And it made for one fun summer! We could never say we were bored!

Browsing on Pinterest yesterday I came across a similar (pre-made) list for Fall! Because of my love for Fall and lists I printed it off right away.

I cannot wait to do some of these fun fall activities! I am most excited to carve pumpkins, we are planning to go to a pumpkin type festival mid October to get our pumpkins.

Which above fall activity would you enjoy the most?

For me it is pumpkin carving and drinking fancy coffee’s (of course).


A VERY Good Day

Today was a GREAT day! And for multiple reasons 🙂

Ready?! For one, it started off with some of this:

I love this DVD and am thinking I am going to buy the 30 day shred too.

And then one of these:

A Skinny Cinnamon Dolce, to be exact 🙂

On the side:

Not those ones in particular but I attended a pancake breakfast at the company Chad works for. Pancakes are even better when I don’t have to make them! Though I can make wicked pancakes 😉

Lunch rolled around and once awesome too! The local Chili Cook Off lunch! For about four years now a bunch of us friends have made this a tradition to attend. It is held the week of our local fair (Westerner Days) and any company can enter a team to make the wining chili. For a small price our can buy tokens and then test out all the chili! Yum! Today I went with a chipotle bison chili with cilantro yogurt sauce, good but spicy! Great food and even better company 🙂

After work we headed over to our photographer’s house to pick up our wedding album! But sadly we missed her today so I will swing by again tomorrow instead.

Lastly, today is my Friday! I took the day off tomorrow to get a few things done in the morning and in the afternoon we are heading to the fair! Bring on the corn dog, mini donuts and ice cream! I love just wondering around the fair (not a “rides” girl), taking in the shows and of course eating fair food. We are also going to see a concert – These Kids Wear Crowns and Stereos – both which I am really excited for!

Now it is time for me to get my bake on…yes more baking projects. It is Chad’s work treat day so I am making Daily Garnish’s Banana Brownies and How Sweet It Is’s Tropical Kiwi  Strawberry Spring Rolls with Vanilla Lime Honey Dipping Sauce.

Be back tomorrow morning with Foodie Friday!