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Weekend Recap

Winter weekends like this are my jam. Nice temperatures, lots of outside time and no rushing around!


I was asleep early! Much like all of the past week while I battle some kind of cough (zer fun in marathon training).


It was a pancake morning, mainly since we needed groceries BAD so we had not much else to eat! We ran errands, came home for lunch and the girls had naps/quiet time. I ran out to take in some donations and look for a few things. I ran into my Mom at one store!

I picked up Avey a skate aid and helmet for skating. She was pumped!

After naps we headed to the rink. Avery loved the skate aid and she did so good with it, I was scared she would not use the right form with it.


Chloe was not having skating but pretty happy to be at the park!

Later that night we watch The My Little Pony Movie – which I loved!


By 7:30am Chad was out the door to tackle 30km at the gym. The girls and I baked muffins and cookies, coloured and did Avery’s “math books” then cleaned before I started my run too.

It is a science to schedule it! I start my run one hour before I think Chad will be home and lay down Chloe. She usually naps one hour in the morning so he can get home before she is up. Avery plays pretty good on her own while I run.

I watched The Battle of the Sexes (loved) and a couple sitcoms. I had a decent 30kms in under 3 hours and finished by 1pm. Our exciting Sunday mornings for the next month!

Later my Grandma came for a visit and Avery requested to go back to the rink! Within minutes she pushed the training aid away and was skating on her own and did not fall once! So proud of my girl.

Chloe agreed to her skates and does great shuffling around but still whines 😉

After we played on the park then headed back home.

And that was our weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend!