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Weekend Recap

Jumping right into our weekend:


I was off work a little early so headed home to see Chad and the girls since he had the day off at home with them. It was his first full day solo with them! And of course, did great 🙂

I had my (belated) work Christmas party so my Mom came over to watch the girls while we headed there. We had supper and went bowling. Even though I hate bowling it was a blast! I even managed two strikes the one game!


Be jealous of my technique:



Dance class was back after after a holiday break and I was unsure of how it would go but it was the best yet!

I am pretty sure she only goes for the outfit and shoes:


The girls love playing under the table these days:

IMG_0771 IMG_0767

The afternoon was so nice out so we headed to the outdoor rink with the girls:


Screenshot_20170114-134818 IMG_0777 Screenshot_20170114-134447 Screenshot_20170114-134605 IMG_0801 IMG_0793

Avery skated for 45 minutes and would not let us help her! Chloe loved playing on the ice, do not worry we were the only ones there 😉

Chloe fell asleep near the end and stayed asleep:


We promised Avery a movie night for having such a great day so once Chloe was in bed she picked Finding Dory. We went to bed right after since we were all tired!


Our morning was spent getting in our long run – finally outside again! We did 16.5km and called it a day since Avery was getting antsy. I have learned flexibility is key with getting runs done these days!

Screenshot_20170115-124302 Screenshot_20170115-124443

Avery got pick our afternoon activity and wanted to go skating again so off we went.

She pulled Chloe to the rink:


Such a sunny day!

20170115_150927 Screenshot_20170115-155216

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the week, laundry, punches, baking muffins and chores 🙂



Foodie Friday

Well it is my last post of 2016. I really have no idea where this year went! This week was short and we spent the last few days enjoying being outside since the weather has been good. It is also bittersweet as Tuesday the girls start dayhome! Crazy. I am so ready to go back to work, but am also worried about Chloe adjusting to dayhome. Anyways here are some photos from our week:

Avery tried skating for the first time. I bought the bob skates that attach to boots for a couple reasons – one, they are $12 vs $40 and I was not spending $40 for her to hate skating. Two, she can keep her feet in boots, much warmer than skates and lastly, with real skates Avery would fall once and she would be done. I told her once she can do a lap with these skates she can get princess ones 😉

The first time did not go great as she refused to dress warm:

img_0514 img_0502 img_0505

Day two was much better – since she dressed warm, shocker!


img_0543 img_0537

I am so happy we have this double sled, it has been put to good use lately! We also saw some calf moose on our walk!


Avery loves playing in the crib with Chloe when she wakes up:

img_0534 img_0527

Chloe loves Avery so much but Chloe is totally the annoying little sister to her these days…


Okay onto meal planning:


Saturday – Chicken fingers and salad

Sunday – Garlic Lovers Salmon and Southwestern Quinoa Salad – Gimme Some Oven

Monday – Chicken Noodle Casserole – Life in the Lofthouse

Tuesday – Turkey Lasagna

Wednesday – Lime Shrimp Dragon Noodles & broccoli – Budget Bytes

Thursday – Honey-Lime Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos – Cooking Classy

Friday – Pizza

This weekend we are visiting family, going to our friends for NYE and getting in a long run, oh and finally taking down the Christmas tree – everything else is down but Avery wanted the tree up longer.

Have a fun and safe NYE!


Staying Healthy

This was not a planned post of mine for this month. But in the recent weeks I knew it would be something of interest to many since there has been way too many nasty bugs going around out there.

main image

I am a firm believer in “not all bugs need drugs”, and have only ever taken Avery into the Dr once besides her regular check-ups etc. Though I am not saying to ignore serious symptoms! Avery has had her fair share of colds and most recently the flu, but none of those required Dr visits nor did I want to spread our sick germs to others. Since winter started and Avery has been in dayhome the bugs are coming around much more. Kids are just little germ magnets 😉 Nobody is to blame and I like to think it is building up our immune systems. Before having Avery in 5 years I had ONE cold and nothing else, no flu or anything. Not so much now!

We have adopted a few natural ways around our house to try and keep away the bugs as much as possible. And while nothing is fool proof I know they are help a little.

1 – Thieves oil. I am sure everyone has heard of it. I mix into into my cleaning solution at home. I diffuse it. I mix it with a carrier oil and put on all our feet when we do catch something. It is not cheap but lasts you a long time.


2 – Black Elderberry lozenges. My Mom told me about these a few months ago. You can find them at any health food store. They help you recovery faster and reduce the severity of your symptoms. I took them when I had a cold and was on day 3, I took the full doseage (8 a day) one day and the next and was symptom free 48 hours later.


3- Immune oil from Sage. Another little miracle in our house. A co-worker recommended this to me after Avery had an ongoing cough (on and off for 6-7 weeks), within a few days the cough was gone and has yet to come back, even in this cold weather! Lately we have all been rolling it on, I put it on Avery’s feet and our chests.

4 – Vitamin D. I took Avery off this when she went to milk but then was told she still needed it and it would help her immune system too. Me and Chad get our vitamin D in our multivitamin we take.


5 – Emerg-C. This has been a long time tactic of mine. I will drink it a few times a week in my water or daily if others around me are sick.


6- Rest, exercise and eating healthy. Pretty explanatory but still a tactic of mine. Get enough sleep, stay active,  eat lots of good food and drink lots of water!



When I went back to work I pictured our weekends being totally crazy and wondered how we’d get our family time in to do all those things with Avery that I no longer had Monday to Friday to do with her. But somehow over the past few months we fell into a nice little groove and while I am never pleased to have the weekend end come Sunday night I feel good about our weekends. We have managed to find a balance of getting everything done (groceries, house chores etc.), seeing friends and family and having our own down time. A little more about our weekend:


Chad met up with some of his coworkers for beers after we had Avery in bed. I owed him this for sure, since he has stayed at home a few nights with Avery so I could go out. I was happy to stay at home, read my book club book and do a few other things.


Our Saturday mornings are always errands time, we like to be home by noon for lunch and to avoid the busier afternoons.

In the afternoon we headed to Calgary to see some friend’s who moved into a new house a few months ago. They have a little guy 5 months younger than Avery so it was fun to see them together, We decided to order supper in so the kids could stay and play at the house. We left at 8pm with Avery in her pjs so we could transfer her right to bed when we got home Smile


After our morning workouts we had our brunch, french toast was on the menu this week:


Our afternoon was spent doing chores, laundry and playing like most weeks. I also baked muffins and a gingerbread cake.


Being a goof with the sound bar remote in her mouth…


Lemon orange muffins.

Since it was a beautiful day (minus the no sun part) we took Avery out for a walk in the sled to the park.



My family joined us for supper for a perfect ending to the weekend Smile


Foodie Friday

Well we made it everyone, its Friday! Yesterday we got quite the storm here, about 20cm of snow, and it was windy as heck. There was a 100 car pile-up on a local highway because of the storm! Craziness. I am just happy everyone is okay by the sounds of it.

Now onto the next week’s meal plans:

Saturday – Veggie and hummus sandwiches and sweet potato fries

Sunday – Homestyle Chicken and Noodles – Iowa Girl Eats

Monday – Tuna Casserole – Skinny Taste

Tuesday – Work Event so it will just be snacks or leftovers
Wednesday – Supper out! I have another work commitment so decided to give myself a break and pick up supper on the way home

Thursday – California Quesadillas – Iowa Girl Eats

Friday – Butter Chicken Pizza

I think this weekend will be low-key, I am hoping to get to yoga tomorrow morning, do a few errands and relax since next weekend being Easter and us hosting Easter brunch will be busy.