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Currently – Workouts

It has been over a month so I ran my last half marathon, and while I came off of it on a running high I knew it was best to scale back for a bit before I am back into half training for my August race. Just a quick update on where I am today with my workouts.

I have been running once a week – the least I have ran in 9 months, I usually do a 5 mile run on Sundays and that is it, but I am starting to want to run more so am going to add another run in soon. For other cardio I am going to spin once a week and so in love with it! It is so motivating and gets my heart pumping! Locals, make sure to check out My Revolution!

Yoga is still going strong with my weekly lunch class that I also love, core connect at The Breathing Room. Maybe this class will get me that six pack 😉 HA

I did a round of 21 Day Fix Extreme after the race, and was so sore my first week back at it. I love Beachbody videos and they keep my motivated so I am going to repeat Hard Corps again before my next half training starts.

I am a huge believe that being a strong runner is much more than the kilometers ran, and my last race was proof. Which is why I am focusing on other cardio and strength, And well, beach season is coming up and I can use some toning up.


What are your current workouts?

Activewear Essentials & Favourites

I never realized until lately but I have become somewhat of a activewear junkie and hoarder… The truth is though 75% of my weekly laundry is activewear! I feel I own every brand under the sun and am always excited to find and try new to me brands since you never know when you will find that favourite piece!

Last month I was contacted by a Silver Icing stylist that introduced me to their brand – I had never heard of it before! After browsing their site I wondered how so instantly wanted to share it with everyone just in case you are like me and have never checked them out before. It is an online direct sales company, and the above link will let you shop online. After chatting with my stylist we decided I would try their exclusive activewear crops (I went with the rainforest ones). She was so helpful with sizing and all my questions, something I look for when ordering online to make sure I get my order right the first time!

Within days I had my crops in my hands and put them on and to the test! My first thought was “WOW” – no lie. These are unlike any crop or legging I own. I could see myself wearing these for days. They are a combination of polyester and elastane and incredibly soft. They do not fade, stretch or shrink!


They sit right at my waist which I have started to love since that means I am not constantly pulling them up or exposing anything when I am picking up babies, toys, books…etc 😉 Mom life!


The artwork is exclusive to Silver Icing as well! Isn’t it beautiful?


I put them to the test on a hike in Canmore recently and got a few compliments on them too! They even matched the scenery 😉

screenshot_20160910-151607 screenshot_20160910-151714

I have now washed them 3-4 times and their claims are true, no fading, shrinking or stretching! And still SO soft.

These would be perfect for so many things, a quiet day at home, a yoga class, hiking, spin class and of course running.

Avery and I twinning in our leggings:


My stylist also has a Facebook page where she posts new products, presales and other features. Give it a like so you can see more of their items!

I am already lusting over a few of their items 😉

Like I said above lately I have started to love higher waist crops. Even a few months ago I would have not worn them and never wore crops to run since I always felt like I was pulling them up but now? LOVE. They are definitely at the top of my activewear favourites now.

Another new favourite of mine? Running hats. There is nothing worse than running with the sun beating down on your face or if it is raining water dripping down your face. My two favourites from Columbia and Under Armour:


Going into cooler temps my next favourite is my new lightweight running jacket. I have looked at ones similar to this for years but at $100+ could not do it. Then I found this one at Winners for $25 and it fit like a glove. Score! The brand is Marika – another new to me brand!


In action at my Canmore race:


After using it in the rain at the Canmore half marathon I realized how much it is needed for not only rainy days but cool days, it adds just that one more layer of protection without overheating you.


What are your current activewear favourites?


Current Workouts

I had huge plans to run far into my pregnancy this time around. With Avery I had to quit running cold turkey to GET pregnant so running was kept a minimum and I called it quits at 7 months. Well as it turns out my body is not wanting to run much any more and as much as my mind wants to my baby and body come first. So I wanted to talk more about what I am doing these days!


So I am taking this day by day, right now a 4-6km run happens once a week with 4 minutes run, 1 minute walk. I cannot say I am too sad about this since I will mostly being pregnant in the winter and running inside is not really appealing and running on ice outside is not safe.

21 Day Fix

You guys know I am a huge fan of all the Beachbody workouts. This week I joined a friend & Beachbody Coach,(Priscilla – find her blog here!) with a challenge group for 21 Day Fix. I love the idea of doing the program with a group to keep my motivation up and this way you have others to talk to and exchange thoughts and ideas with. My goal is 4 days a week for these workouts right now.


With the absence of running I needed a cardio fix so when a friend invited me to join her at a new to me spin studio (My Revolution) last week I jumped on it. Needless to say I loved it and am planning to go weekly now. I am hoping this is something my body likes for at least a few more months!


Oh yoga! I go to lunch classes weekly and love that my studio (The Breathing Room) is a short walk away from my work. I did prenatal yoga with Avery and right now am planning on not going this time and just modifying at regular classes since it works better with my schedule. I still am loving flow classes that keep me moving. I have looked up some modifications to do as the belly grows as well.


What is your current favourite workout?

Finding My “Why”

Motivation is a tricky thing, because everyone’s “why” is different. I have never gave my motivation when it comes to working out too much thought but recently was inspired by ETB Fit to share with my readers more about it.

Instantly I was reminded of my one 21 Day Fix Extreme videos, where she says you have to dig deep and find your “why”, you choose to do this workout so WHY. Every time it gets me. Why I am working out?

Sticking to my goals when it comes to working out means I have a why but I really struggled to figure it out. At the end of the day it was clear to me, I workout for ME. Working out makes me feel good, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It keeps me healthy and strong for my family. That is my why, pretty simple.


But there are many other things that help me out along the way. From eating the right things, to planning the right workouts it all comes together to help me stick to my fitness goals.

When it comes to eating right, I try to eat fairly balanced most of the time and fuel my body with whole foods, healthy fats and protein to sustain my workouts. I do use  protein and have for years for post workout if I am not eating a good meal afterwards. BUT my number one tip when it comes to working out and fuelling your body? WATER WATER WATER.

I am not sure about you guys but if I am dehydrated and go to workout my strength, endurance and even mental well-being is just not there. I aim to drink 3-4L a day.

Planning my workouts (which I have talked about many times!) is also key for me. I plan at the start of each week and include a variety of workouts. This does vary if I am training for something since then I will usually have a 12 week plan. Lately I am loving all the variety in my workouts. From at home workouts (Les Mills Pump, 21 Day Fix Extreme), to yoga, running and other activities as a family I feel as if I have really found my happy place with my workouts and have a lot of fun with them.



Check out ETB Fit for a complete line of nutritional supplements that will support your fitness goals. They have supplements for your every fitness need. I especially like how well organized their site is so you can easily find what you need!  You can also check out ETB Fit for a complete line of nutritional pre-workout supplements that will support your fitness goals.


What is your “why”?

What helps you workout?


Workout Wednesday: Currently

I have had this post on my radar for awhile now and since I rarely talk about workouts any more I wanted to devote a post to where I am at these days because lets face it, it is pretty awesome Smile

If you do not know my workout history, it is all over the map, 4 years ago I got myself into a crappy situation where I ran (and worked out) too much, pair that with extremely clean eating caused me fertility problems for 2 years. I was a “lucky” one and with a break, some added weight this was corrected in a few months. Emotionally though I had been through a lot. I had a great and very active pregnancy, I started working out a 6 weeks post partum and enjoyed it. I have bounced around between running, at home workout programs (which I love now!) and yoga for the past year now.

It has just been in the past 6 months where I really feel happy with my weekly activity and have seen progress in many areas, but am working out way less time-wise. A typical week looks like this:

– 10-15km of running (usually one 10km run & one 5km run)

– one 50 minute yoga class plus practicing poses 3-4 nights a week (5-10 mins)

– 2-3 strength/weight workouts – these vary from 15-45 minutes

What has changed?

Well, for one I have fun in my workouts & truly want to do each one. Even at 5:30am this is true I swear Smile I only do workouts I know I will enjoy for this reason. My workouts are no longer forced.

Two, I have gained a ton of confidence in my body, its strength and capabilities. Thank you yoga. I have accomplished poses that not in a million years would I thought I would.

Hello headstands.


Three, I realize that nothing happens over night. Getting that PR, being able to not stop during an intense 30 minute workout, or getting into that yoga pose. It all takes time, and no matter if its days or months that does not matter. Have faith, you will get there. I tell myself this all the time now.

Woody's RV-Candid-61

Yup, this race was no PR but I did my best and the PR will come.

The reminder of this year is just going to be about these things and loving that I CAN do all these things on a daily basis. I still have my goals and will continue to work towards them as well but at the same time I want to have fun when I am working out.