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2016 Mud Hero Ambassador & A Giveaway

Hey Everyone! I have some fun news to share with you all today – AND there is even something in it for one lucky reader!

Every since the Mud Hero race came to Red Deer I have ran it with Chad and friends, and every year it is a blast. And I promise even you non-muddy types you will have fun too!


The race is 5-6km, so a good distance and the obstacles break up the running for non-runners, but I hear this year they have also added a 10km distance too! There is usually about 16 obstacles in total.


The obstacles range from easy to hard in my opinion, but you always have the option to skip ones you are not comfortable with – after all the race is about having fun!


Last year the above obstacle probably tested me the most, I hate heights and water!

With your race registration you get a Mud Hero t-shirt, free event photos (like mine above), a finishers medal, a free beverage after the race and there is always a ton fo free sample booths at the event as well.


The Red Deer, Alberta race always seems to be VERY popular and is already 80% sold out!And now for the other fun part, as part of my role as an Ambassador I am giving away a FREE entry into a Mud Hero race of your choice. All you have to do is tell me what Mud Hero race you would run if you won in the comments below. Contest will close at 6pm MST Sunday, April 17th and winner will be announced on Monday morning.

And now for the other fun part, as part of my role as an Ambassador I am giving away a FREE entry into a Mud Hero race of your choice. All you have to do is tell me what Mud Hero race you would run if you won in the comments below. Contest will close at 6pm MST Sunday, April 17th and winner will be announced on Monday morning.



Disclaimer: I was given a free race entry as a Mud Hero Ambassador but since I was already registered I am passing it along to one lucky reader!


2016 Race Calendar

How is it already time to talk about spring and summer races?! I love every race season and typically my goal is one race a month. This is for a few reasons, training time, money – races are $$$, and scheduling – I like my weekends free in the warm months!

I will talk more about training in April since I do need to make a few training plans but for now I am sharing what I am currently registered to run.

May 2016 – Only Women’s Fitness Fun Run – 5km 

Not really a run since I will not even be cleared TO run but it is the thirds year my Mom and I have done this run. It will be Avery’s second year doing her 100m diaper dash.

Avery and I at last year’s race:

avery and i

June 2016 – Troubled Monk Run – 10km

This is about one month after I am cleared to run so 10km might be ambitious but it is going to be a fun run so I am not worried about it. Chad, a bunch of friends, co-workers are running it too and it includes beer after!

July 2016 – Lacombe Half Marathon – 10km

Registration has not opened up yet but I am going to sign up for this race and attempt a 10km PR 🙂

Avery and I before last year’s race, I finished in 50:43.


August 2016 –Mud Hero

This is always a fun race, I run it with friends (Chad is too fast for me at this one!) and have a great time. Spoiler alert – I am also an Ambassador for it this year!

mud hero

September 2016 – Canmore Half Marathon – Half Marathon

My first half of 2016!! And probably my only! I wanted to run a half but also did not want to be too consumed with it after having baby so the timing for a fall half seemed perfect. It will be a little get away for our family as well.



Races – Bucket List

As I sit here 34 weeks pregnant all I can think of is running. I mean, I am “running” these days but as you can all imagine it is not a true run. To say I am ready to be running again is an understatement, but sadly that is about 2.5 months away due to my c-section recovery time. But in the mean time I can still talk and dream about running and races 🙂

In no specific order here is my race bucket list:

1 – Disneyland Half Marathon AGAIN. We ran this race in 2011 and hands down it was the best experience ever, worth every penny. I had planned to run it this year but with the dollar not being great I cannot justify the exchange. But we both have agreed we will be back to run it again.

Disneyland Marathon

2 – Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon. I have heard only great things about this race and course. I was SO close to registering for it a couple years ago but other plans got in the way. We love Victoria, and being that it is in Canada I am hoping I can get to this race within the next two years.

3 – Phoenix Marathon. For years we made an annual trip to Arizona since my in-laws are snow-birds but the last two years life has got in the way so we have not made it south. We love going down there and have a ton of family so it is only fitting I make this race happen. Our plan is to go next year and this race is at the end of February when we usually travel there so maybe this will be my 2017 race!

Last Phoenix trip, Avery was only 3,5 months old!


4 – TCS New York City Marathon. Probably the longest shot of them all, between the distance to NYC, the cost and ability to get a spot in this race but it is a still on my list. I think the experience alone would make it amazing and NYC is pretty awesome too 😉

5- Rock n Roll Marathon Series. No specific location but these races look like a blast! I am all about the experience when travelling for a race and keeping it fun. I think I could even convince Chad to do one of these with me!


What is on your race bucket list?


Workout Wednesday – Post-Baby Plans

One of the biggest things I miss while pregnant is training, whether it is for a race or a fitness program I seem to crave it even more when pregnant – you always want what you cannot have 😉

Making plans while still pregnant not only makes me excited but also holds me accountable to get moving after I am cleared by my doctor. As it looks right now, this should be early to mid May if my c-section recovery goes well, with Avery I was cleared about 5 weeks after having her.

I have two main plans for post-baby:

1- Do a 60 day Beachbody program, I am eyeing up the new Hammer and Chisel program right now. I think a program like this would keep me motivated daily and accountable. Plus I know these programs work! The workouts are 30-40 minutes each so something I know is realistic for me as well.


2 – Run a half marathon in 2016. My running will most likely come back ASAP since it is also my sanity but I am looking for a fall race so that I have a lot of training time and can adjust as needed with the two kiddos. I am not sure I will have much of a time goal for this race, but just to get back into training and have fun of course! Call me crazy but I am already dreaming of running with the two kids in tow this summer! We have a double chariot already but I am working on convincing Chad on also getting a double BOB – a girl can dream, right?!

I have FINALLY chosen my race and will be registering in a couple weeks once registration is open, in September I am running the Canmore Half Marathon! I am pretty excited since I love Canmore and it is fairly local to travel to for a few days with my family.

I also really want to run the Victoria Half Marathon in October but being only a month later that might be the smartest thing and I am not sure how much fund we will have to travel being on maternity leave. So for now that is on the side lines.

Short and simple post-baby fitness plans for this year. At the end of the day I just want to feel good and have energy to be a mom and wife and I know doing these things will help me a ton 🙂


Be Your Own Running Coach

A few months ago a friend asked me about my training and how I was able to meet (and exceed) race goals and if I had any help from a coach. After thinking about it, I decided that I had many thoughts around the topic and wanted to share it in a post.

First off, I have never used a running coach, it is just not for me but I have nothing against them. At one point in time, I looked into the certification but again realized it was not something for me. But what I can share is how I have been able to train to meet my own running goals mainly on my own.

1- Be your own biggest fan. Have confidence! Running is SO mental you guys. If you do not have the confidence that you can meet your goal you probably will not meet it. Blunt but true. Be positive, but realistic at the same time. Do not go into your first half marathon thinking you can run it in 90 minutes 😉 I cannot stress this enough. I have never gone into a training plan (or race) thinking I MIGHT meet my goal. I go in knowing I will crush it.

2 – Set realistic goals. Like I said above goals are only attainable if they are realistic. You can also be more confident with realistic goals. This is not to say you should not push yourself but instead just have realistic goals and over a period of time work to improve and do better.

My first half marathon I went in with a fairly conservative goal of a sub 2-hour race since it was my first race over 10km and I had really just started to run. I came in 2 minutes under my goal time and was thrilled.  My next half marathon that was 3 months later I had a goal of 1:55, so only 3 minutes off of my previous time. I was being realistic, but still confident that I COULD do better. I came in at 1:48 for that race.

Giving myself realistic goals that I am confident in has taken me a long way in my running experience, much more than anything physical that I could have done.

3 – Use your FREE resources. The Internet can be a magical thing! From other blogs to online sites there are so many resources you can access at no charge. I have a few favourites that I frequently use.

Runner’s World – some training plans do cost, but for a minimal fee

Women’s Running

Hal Higdon – I have used these plans a few times!

4 – Join a running/training group. This does not need to be a formal group, it could be a group of people who like to run. Having a training group for my first half and first full was very beneficial and for a minimal fee. I think I paid $50 for 4.5 months and they provided us with  a training plan. But more than the training plan it was the group of people that made benefited me. The support, the accountability and the sense of community all benefited me.

5 – Schedule in non-running and rest days. First of all, can we just agree that our bodies need 1-2 days of rest a week. These can be active rest days, but they are days where your body and mind recover. Second, running is not all about just getting in “x” of kms a week. It is about preparing your body for the race. This involved improving your cardio, strength, and flexibility. Be a well rounded runner!

From experience I can say running 6 days a week did me NO good. It was the only time I had a running injury and was drained mentally and physically.

In your training plan run 3-4 days a week and then add in other cardio, strength training and I always recommend yoga now too. I prefer 3 days of running, one long run, one speed run (fairly short) and one other run. On the speed run day I would do strength exercises, have another day of other cardio and strength and then yoga. Not to say this is for everyone but that is my general rule when it comes to a training plan.

Everyone is different, and everyone’s needs are different so at the end of the day you do what is right for YOU. If that is hiring a coach, great, if not, great too 🙂 Like anything there is never a one size fits all solution.