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Weekly Workouts

I think it is time to talk a bit about my current workouts! Over a month ago I ran my first half marathon post Chloe and after I run a long race I always promise myself a solid 4 weeks of recovery. This is not complete rest but rest from training because training burnout is real guys!!

These days I am doing two workouts mostly – running and PiYo. I do attend spin classes when I can but sadly that is less often that I would like! I run 3 days a week but keep my kilometers under 20km a week currently. Then I aim for 4 PiYo workouts a week (one gets doubled up ona run day) and one rest day.

PiYo, as the name suggests is a combination of pilates and yoga, and uses only your body weight. I was not sure this would be “my type of workout but after only one workout I knew it was, and way more challenging that I expected it to be.


The best photo I could get of me doing PiYo, and yes, most of my workouts involve a kid or two under me!

I am on week five right now and here are my thoughts on the program:

1 – No matter what workout you are doing (there are 7 total) they all use all your muscles! The core stability you require for the workouts is insane! One goal going into this program was to gain better core tone and stability and I know it is accomplishing it.

2 – I have yet to be sore the next day. Not sure if this is a good thing or not? Maybe it is from the type of movements the workouts do.

3 – It is mentally challenging! I am not good with coordination and these workouts take that plus some. This means it takes me a couple times of doing a workout to get the moves down.

4 – I am never bored. With 7 workouts there is a ton of variety! I am semi following the workout calendar – minus 2 workouts a week and they are always switching it up.

5 – I get sweaty!!! Like dripping sweat. Who would have thought that a pilates/yoga workout at home would do that? Not me.

I am excited to finish off the last 3 weeks of the program. I am not sure what kind of results I will see, and since I did not take a before photo it will be hard to see any. My eating has not been the best either and like any workout program, a clean eating program is also key to see results.


Currently: Workouts

So something I rarely talk about these days are workouts! But wanted to share where I am at with workouts currently and what I do on a weekly basis.


Yup, still running 😉 I have no races that I am training for and just running for my own well-being at the time. I find it amazing that once you get a good base built you do not have to run hundreds of kms to keep it. I run around 15km a week, usually one 10km and one 5km run keeping at average pace of around 5mins/km which I am pretty happy with.


I get to one lunch class a week, my favourtie is Warming Noon Flow right now. Slow yoga classes are just not my thing at lunch time. I usually need something that is more of a pick me up. I am hoping to start more yoga at home this fall as well, 21 Day Fix Extreme has a Yoga Fix that I really enjoy.

Les Mills Pump

I have added this into my weekly schedule once or twice a week as I really enjoy the full body workout and find it a good morning workout on work days. I have been slowly up’ing the weights and have felt the effects of that for sure!

21 Day Fix Extreme

Another Beachbody workout! I did this program twice through according to the schedule but now just add the workouts into my weekly plans. My favourites are Dirty 30, Upper Fix and Lower Fix and the best part? They are all only 30 minutes! I want to do the entire program again but might hold off on that until winter.

What is next? Well we just signed up for Beachbody on Demand! Chad also has dropped his gym membership recently and has been enjoying Pump. We both wanted to try new programs from home so thought this was a great way to do so. They offer a free 30 Day Trial as well so I will chat more about it in a month or so.


What are your current workouts?


Working out on holidays

Happy Wednesday from the west coast! While we are off enjoying ourselves for a few days here I wanted to chat a bit about working out while on holidays and how we still stay active during our vacations.

First thing is that it really depends on where we are and what we are doing as to what workouts or activities we do. For example when we went on our honeymoon cruise since it was a lot of laying around on beaches etc we tried to hit the gym every other day. But then in NYC since we stayed in a little boutique hotel, in December and walked probably 10km or more a day we did no official workouts. I do like to meet somewhere in the middle though. Here are the top ways we like to stay active while away:

1- Running or walking. It is a great way to site see too! We both loved running along the ocean while in San Francisco and not sure I would have passed up on it one morning. And to start your day off with a run make all those treats later way more forgiving 😉 If you cannot run or chose not to, walk! It is just as good and cheap transportation.

2- DVDs. You’ll need to make sure your hotel room has a TV/DVD player or bring a laptop, but this is a easy thing to pack and do anytime during your holiday. I usually stick to ones that are 30 mins or less and require no or little equipment. My yoga map does almost always come with us though! My favorite is Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown.

3-  Find fun, new and local activities to do. Scope out those activities that at home you maybe cannot do. For example, going to a lake or the ocean, try stand-up paddleboarding – something I hope to try this week. Going to somewhere with trails and mountains? Go hiking, this is a favorite of ours:

hike 2

Another favorite of ours is to go golfing. You may have to rent clubs, if yours are not packed but you can find great deal but golfing last minute or later in the day.


In San Francisco we rented bikes to ride across the Golden Gate bridge:


4- Check out your hotel gym. i find that these are really under used lots of the time and while they may be small and your equipment choices are limited you will be able to get in a decent workout still.

5- More importantly, Don’t stress about it. Nobody loose any fitness after a couple week holiday. It is all about that balance, so have fun and enjoy yourself and you will be active not even realizing it.


What was the best workout/activity you’ve done on holidays to stay active?



So Long July

I have to say while I am said that July is gone since it means one less month of summer, I am also happy to start off August fresh.

July was a off month for me, both mentally and physically. Stress built up and my body was done with it all. Sadly, it took me until a few days ago to realize this all and decide to make a few changes.

Physically, I have pushed my body hard for 2.5 years now, first half marathon training, then full, working out 6 days a week fairly hard, getting into weight lifting, and not getting enough rest and recovery time in between. Looking back I am surprised my body did not tap out earlier!

Mentally, I am a planner, type A person. I have endless lists, always am thinking about how much I have to do,constantly going, and just like physically not getting enough down time for my mind or at least giving myself a break from those endless to do lists.

Now do not get me wrong I am not going to change who I am, I like planning and lists and I love running and working out but for the next 2-3 months the focus is going to be on rest and recovery.

At the end of each month, I look back to the previous month’s goals and see how I did, here were July’s:

1- Follow the 80/20 rule. Eat clean, unprocessed and healthy foods 80% of the time and the other 20% indulge and enjoy summer 🙂 I think I have done very well here, but some weeks it has been more 70/30 but I am not too concerned!

2- Keep loosely following the LiveFit workouts. I like our current 4 day a week gym routine, with 15 minutes warm-up and 45 minutes or so of weights, so I will use LiveFit as a guideline to keep this routine for July. Done!

3 – Listen to my Body. This means, rest when I am tired, eat more when I am hungry, be lazy when I feel the need to, and being more aware of what my body wants and needs. Eeek…I did not do so well here, my body asked for a break way before I finally gave in. Lesson learned.

4 – Keep moving on the Summer List. We are doing good here!

5- Golf once a week. I need to do this to pay for my pass and get the most used from it! I missed a couple weeks but still have gone 7 rounds since the end of May. Needless to say I am not much better yet! haha

6- Enjoy our holidays. We booked off one week at the end of July. We have no huge plans, and will stick close to home. I need to learn to relax more and not book or plans things every single day. Living in the moment more 🙂 Since holidays are half way over today, I can only speak to half of this goal but so far, so good!

For August there are no goals beyond rest and relaxation. This means, no running, no weight lifting but walking, yoga and some core exercises all done by body weight. This means taking time out each day for my mind by mediating, reading, or just laying out enjoying the sunshine. This means less to do lists as well!

While the above may not seem like a whole lot, it is for me and I think this will be a trying month, but in a good way.


What is your favorite way to relax?

Reading or having a bath 🙂

Victoria Day Happenings

I love long weekends! The extra allows for one more day of fun 🙂 It is rare that May long weekend here is great weather but this weekend was pretty darn nice.

Monday morning I woke up about 6:30am, usually I would have gone back to sleep but I had gone to bed about 10:30pm Sunday so that was my 8 hours and I got out of bed. The first couple hours I spent relaxing, reading my book (The Fame Game by Lauren Conrad), reading blogs, and prepping stuff for brunch.

Once Chad was up we headed to the gym since we missed our Sunday workout. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I pretty much have the same elliptical routine: 10 minutes at level 6, 1 minute at level 8, 1 minute at level 10 (repeat for 10 minutes), and another 10 minutes at level 6. It never seems to leave me not sweating so I have keep the routine. Next was upper body, which was this one but I swapped out the tricep dips for tricep extensions and added in side crunches with 20lb weights at the end while I was waiting for Chad.

The brunch menu today featured the homemade bread from last week, Applesauce Raisin Whole Wheat Bread. I had planned to use whatever was leftover for french toast since I made this bread last weekend. When I was younger my Mom always bought the “special” thick sliced bread to make french toast, so I pretty darn excited I could cut the sliced thicker than store bought bread to imitate this.

I am not sure why but the thicker slices made the french toast. The mixture I used was eggs, almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon and flaxseed. I mixed up plain Greek yogurt with maple syrup and cinnamon to put on top, along with strawberries, blueberries and of course peanut butter.


Brunch was enjoyed while watching Live with Kelly! Another reason I love long weekends, I love Kelly and am never home to watch her during the week. I am hoping we get to NYC this year and see her live 🙂


Since Chad wanted to head back to my Mom’s to do more work there I decided I would plant my garden. I bought a few plants and then did the rest by seed.



My massive tomato plant, I need Chad to dig its hole!


I planned my garden using companion gardening suggestions (where you put plants by each that like each to help them grow), and tried out a few new things this year – sweet onions, pineapple mint watercress and bok choy. Other things I planted – carrots, peas, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, chives, zucchini, beets, kale, spinach… I think that is it all! I also used the above adorable little markers I bought a couple months ago at Chapters.

This year I spent extra time and TLC prepping my garden in hopes some of the issues I had last year (too hard of soil and too many weeds) would not come back. Though gardening is a lot of work, I really enjoy it and the fresh veggies out my back door are always worth it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent baking bread (this week – Quick Honey Flax Loaf), vacuuming my car and catching up on blogs. We ended the long weekend on a high note, Chad’s early birthday supper with my family. We went to Original Joe’s, which was good but a tad noisy and there were a few drunks in there that were getting on everyone’s nerves…Here is the (almost) birthday boy:

Chad Bday supper

We were all too full and did not even have a birthday dessert! Horrible I know. I will have to make it up to Chad on Thursday, his actual birthday.

Before I go, two tings:

1- I received the professional photo I had taken at the gala I went to a couple weeks ago with my friend, Meghan and had to share. Love this photo of us 🙂

Me and Meg print from Gala

2- I finally updated my workouts page to include both the treadmill and weight routines I have posted over the past few months.


If you had a long weekend how did you spend your extra day?

Did you plant a garden this year? What is your favorite garden veggie?