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Currently: Workouts

So something I rarely talk about these days are workouts! But wanted to share where I am at with workouts currently and what I do on a weekly basis.


Yup, still running 😉 I have no races that I am training for and just running for my own well-being at the time. I find it amazing that once you get a good base built you do not have to run hundreds of kms to keep it. I run around 15km a week, usually one 10km and one 5km run keeping at average pace of around 5mins/km which I am pretty happy with.


I get to one lunch class a week, my favourtie is Warming Noon Flow right now. Slow yoga classes are just not my thing at lunch time. I usually need something that is more of a pick me up. I am hoping to start more yoga at home this fall as well, 21 Day Fix Extreme has a Yoga Fix that I really enjoy.

Les Mills Pump

I have added this into my weekly schedule once or twice a week as I really enjoy the full body workout and find it a good morning workout on work days. I have been slowly up’ing the weights and have felt the effects of that for sure!

21 Day Fix Extreme

Another Beachbody workout! I did this program twice through according to the schedule but now just add the workouts into my weekly plans. My favourites are Dirty 30, Upper Fix and Lower Fix and the best part? They are all only 30 minutes! I want to do the entire program again but might hold off on that until winter.

What is next? Well we just signed up for Beachbody on Demand! Chad also has dropped his gym membership recently and has been enjoying Pump. We both wanted to try new programs from home so thought this was a great way to do so. They offer a free 30 Day Trial as well so I will chat more about it in a month or so.


What are your current workouts?


Why I Yoga

Awhile ago Becky had a post on this and asked others to play along! Though it took me a bit to get this post together that was not because I had a lack of “why”. Yoga has become a bigger part of my life this past couple of years and here is why:

1- Balance. At first this was about finding a balance with running. But after awhile this balance was about my mental/emotional well being. Yoga has taught me to listen to my body and with life getting hectic at times (especially after having Avery!) the time I spend doing yoga really has taught me to tune all the other thoughts or the day out. Right there I am creating a balance for my mental well-being.


2- Strength. I have gained a huge amount of core/upper body strength through yoga! Before I honestly would have never thought I could, but it makes me shake as much if not more as other workouts. Poses can involve every, single muscle!

3- Self Confidence. I do not consider myself athletic in any sense. I am a clumsy person so to be able to get into certain yoga poses that even a few months I would have laughed at if someone asked me to try is a huge confidence boost! It really proves mind over matter.

4 – To stop overthinking. I over think EVERYTHING you guys. So when it comes to yoga I would overthink a pose to the point it would intimidate me or I would not let my body just do its thing. But guess what? When you let go, listen to your body that is when the magic can happen.

This list could honestly go on and on. Yoga has given me so much in the past few months, and that is typically only going to one class a week. It is something I cannot wait to get Avery involved in as she grows up as well!


Wine & Unwind Weekend

I was SO lucky to be able to get away for a girls weekend on holidays. When I said the stars aligned, they really did. We had our holidays booked since dayhome was closed to go and see Chad’s Mom and that’s when I saw that my yoga studio (The Breathing Room) was planning a weekend retreat. Even better? It was a half an hour drive from where we were!

Usually I would pass on things like this, thinking of all the reasons not to go. But this time I didn’t let myself do that and paid my deposit not knowing if I’d be going solo. I did convince a good friend to come and she was able to fly which worked out perfect.

Friday I picked up my friend at the airport and we headed south to beautiful Osoyoos. Our retreat was at the Watermark Resort there.

The view from our room:


Once we got there, we were given our itinerary:


First up, stand up paddleboard yoga! It was my first time on a board, let alone doing yoga on one so I had zero expectations. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and even braved a headstand!

Photos from the Breathing Room:



I got up briefly before going back down, round 2 wasn’t as successful and I ended up in the water 😉

I loved the way our suppers were at this retreat. Both nights we had five courses served family style. So not only did we get to try everything we also could pace ourselves. I still ate way, way too much food though!


Only photo I had since it was dark for lots of our suppers!

Supper ran late, and before we knew it it was 11pm so we called it a night.

Saturday was a full day! It started with a delicious breakfast:


So delicious I had it again Sunday…

Then an awesome 90 minute yoga practice where we got to practice arm balances and did some fun partner poses.


FB_IMG_1436194818261 (1)

Photo courtesy of the Breathing Room.

We had a bit of free time after so we checked out some shops, and grabbed smoothies for lunch. I did some minor damage shopping, and bought a new Matt & Nat purse and found my sunglasses that I broke a month ago. Plus, a really great present for my Mom.

Onto the “wine” part of the weekend! We had a tour van pick us up and take us to three local wineries. Our guide was awesome, she even baked us cookies! The first winery was La Stella. It was a beautiful building with an amazing view.



Photo courtesy of the Breathing Room:


I was sad that they were out of their rose wine since it’s the one I planned to buy.


Our selfie skills got a little better this weekend!

It was a short drive to the next winery, Hester Creek. I was pretty happy that this tasting was done inside since it was hot out. The tasting room was also pretty cool.



We tasted five wines, and I didn’t love any. But then again I’m not a huge wine drinker. Instead I bought some balsamic vinaigrette and chocolate 🙂 Just as good in my books.

The last winery was Church & State and by far my favourite. The building was a simple & industrial looking with an outside tasting area. I found a wine I loved and even better? Their fun labels:


I also took the wine & unwind to the next level:


Sandra and I:


We were the late supper so decided to enjoy some gelato once we got back and then had a few drinks before supper.


This was the best gelato I’ve ever had. I wish I could’ve brought some back for Chad to try.

Supper was amazing again, here is supper menu from Friday night, thought I had taken both menu photos but guess not!


After supper we took a walk before retiring for the night, sun, wine & yoga make you tired!

Sunday morning we got in a 7am yoga session on the beach:


It really can’t get much better than this.

After we had breakfast, then packed up and checked out.

It was such an awesome weekend, and I’m really glad I made the decision to go. I heard talk of another one next year and will be doing my best to make it work again!


Workout Wednesday: Currently

I have had this post on my radar for awhile now and since I rarely talk about workouts any more I wanted to devote a post to where I am at these days because lets face it, it is pretty awesome Smile

If you do not know my workout history, it is all over the map, 4 years ago I got myself into a crappy situation where I ran (and worked out) too much, pair that with extremely clean eating caused me fertility problems for 2 years. I was a “lucky” one and with a break, some added weight this was corrected in a few months. Emotionally though I had been through a lot. I had a great and very active pregnancy, I started working out a 6 weeks post partum and enjoyed it. I have bounced around between running, at home workout programs (which I love now!) and yoga for the past year now.

It has just been in the past 6 months where I really feel happy with my weekly activity and have seen progress in many areas, but am working out way less time-wise. A typical week looks like this:

– 10-15km of running (usually one 10km run & one 5km run)

– one 50 minute yoga class plus practicing poses 3-4 nights a week (5-10 mins)

– 2-3 strength/weight workouts – these vary from 15-45 minutes

What has changed?

Well, for one I have fun in my workouts & truly want to do each one. Even at 5:30am this is true I swear Smile I only do workouts I know I will enjoy for this reason. My workouts are no longer forced.

Two, I have gained a ton of confidence in my body, its strength and capabilities. Thank you yoga. I have accomplished poses that not in a million years would I thought I would.

Hello headstands.


Three, I realize that nothing happens over night. Getting that PR, being able to not stop during an intense 30 minute workout, or getting into that yoga pose. It all takes time, and no matter if its days or months that does not matter. Have faith, you will get there. I tell myself this all the time now.

Woody's RV-Candid-61

Yup, this race was no PR but I did my best and the PR will come.

The reminder of this year is just going to be about these things and loving that I CAN do all these things on a daily basis. I still have my goals and will continue to work towards them as well but at the same time I want to have fun when I am working out.


Weekend Recap

This weekend was go-go-go, but we had a ton of fun, and got to hang out with lots of great friends!


A low key weekend at home was just what we needed since our weekend was going to be busy. I cannot even remember what we did! So nothing too exciting Winking smile


Avery started Duck swimming lessons that morning, it is our third set of lessons since I want to keep her in the water. I signed up for the 9am class since we like to run errands Saturday mornings but did not really think that this meant us actually moving it on Saturday mornings! Chad took her for the first class since we decided to swap her went in the pool, it was nice to sit back and watch.

Saturday afternoon I headed to a yoga workshop on headstands with Becky. I started to self teach myself how to headstand about a month ago so wanted to learn the proper technique and tips on how to improve. It was a great class and worth the $25. I learned how to get into a headstand as well as crow. Going in I could do a tripod/three point headstand but not one on my forearms.


We also used the headstand helper which is a great core workout and helps you to find your balance.


I am excited to do more workshops in the future, hint, hint Becky Winking smile

That afternoon I had to take some photos of Avery’s shirt which I LOVE. This is a 2T shirt, HOW?! It says “Good Vibes Only”, and this is a typical Avery face:



That evening we went to my friend’s house for a belated 30th birthday party for her – she is the last of my high school friends to turn 30! How times have changed, with 8 kids  the party is a lot tamer! Avery had SO much fun playing with all the kids and chasing them around. She was also obsessed with their dog:


He was so good with her! We stayed till 9pm, Avery was doing great but I did not want to push her since she usually is in bed at 7:30pm.


I got in a 7km run and some stretching since I was a tad sore from the workshop before getting ready to head to Calgary for the afternoon with Amie and Becky for Leigh’s baby shower that Alison and Nicole hosted.

It was great to see all the girls, it had been way too long! Leigh’s little girl (Amelia) is a perfect mix of her Mom and Dad and such a chill little girl!  Makes me miss having a tiny little babe. Avery had running around with Alison’s little girl, Delainey since they are only 6 weeks apart.


Avery look for Delainey after she went for a nap.

Leigh looks awesome!


The girls did such a great job hosting with all the details:


Thank you again for having us! And thank you to our driving buddies Smile

The rest of our day was spent playing, reading books and doing some chores from the weekend.

Avery loves to read in her closet since she has a bookshelf in there so I decided to put her comforter and pillow down in there to make it comfy for her:


Now to kick start our busy week!