Chloe – 15 Months

I wanted to keep on par with Avery’s posts and well I did one for her at 16 months but felt like doing C’s a month early 🙂

Where to start!? Ts girl continues to keep us on our toes every waking moment. I mean where does she get her energy? The phrase “It is a good thing they are cute” applies to her 110%.

She started to walk just after she turned a year BUT took her another two months to not walk like she was drunk 😉 Lucky gal gets her coordination from me. Which means A LOT of bumps and bruises. I swear one goes away for another one to appear.

She still does not say too many words but she is pretty darn efficient with her grunts and pointing. We need to start getting her to say words versus just going along with it – but hey it works for now! New words – bird, bubbles (a favourite), purple – because her cup is purple, cup – I think that is all though.

Her comprehension amazes me. I can say “we are going outside” and instantly she gets up and goes to the bathroom to get sunscreen (she is oddly obsessed with sunscreen) then shows me where to put it, then goes gets her hat, shoes and points to where we keep the sunglasses and finally to the door. Oh and she can open doors now – joy.

Speaking of opening things she LOVES to open every door and cupboard she can, get into whatever and make a mess – on the upside she also loves to “clean up”…or run away from us with random objects and tries to hide them on us.

Good thing she is cute:

Life without that face would not be near as fun, we laugh at her too many times a day and she is constantly trying to make us laugh.

She loves Avery (almost as much as she loves to bug her) and her face lights up every morning when she sees her 🙂

Music is another obsession, she cannot help but dance at every 2 seconds of music she hears no matter where she is.

She is a great eater and loves her food. She would eat 24/7 if we let her I am sure and is rarely picky. We still are dealing with a dairy intolerance but it has not been too bad to avoid and I am hoping now she grows out of it.

She is just finally getting more teeth. From January-May she got zero teeth and just go three molars to bring her up to 9 teeth so I expect to see more teeth very soon.

As always I am excited to see what they next few months bring (teeth and all!) with Miss. Chloe – I know she is only going to add more fun to our little family as she grows.


4 thoughts on “Chloe – 15 Months

  1. P. Jeanne

    Awe <3 Such a sweet girl!! I'll never stop saying this, but I wish more than ever that we lived closer…I just know our kids would be besties! Avery & Jase have always been so similar and reading this makes me realize Savi & Chloe are pretty darn similar too!! 😉 XOXO


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