Chloe – 6 Months

Half a year, such a big milestone! This month brought some big changes and less sleep 😉


Note: Miss. Chloe seemed to stall on her weight gain these past two months, Avery went through this too – add on Chloe’s puking and well I see why. Lets hope for big gains next month!!


  • Avery – still LOVES her big sister
  • Little People toys (I am convinced this is to make Avery made)
  • Eating real food!
  • Swinging at the park
  • The exersaucer
  • Putting everything in her mouth:



  • Waiting for any kind of food


She still nurses every 2.5-3 hours during the day and to be honest that is not changing until she stops puking. Puking seems to be okay for a few days then gets bad for a few days. I am 3 weeks dairy free to see if that was the issue and so far I cannot say it is.

Solids. So far she has had a lot of foods in puree form (from the pouches), homemade teething cookies, mum-mum crackers, and then chunks of foods like banana, strawberries, avocado, sweet potato and butternut squash. I plan to move move towards baby led weaning now that she is 6 months. She also get about 1oz of water a day right now.

Oh and she is one messy eater!


Oh Chloe why are you so stubborn. This girl is a dream to put to sleep (bedtime is 7-7:30pm) and has been since day one, no rocking no holding, nothing she just goes to sleep. Now the issue is staying asleep. Currently she wakes 1-3 times a night. I only nurse once between 2-4am and at her age that is all she needs. Some nights she wakes once at 3am to eat and goes back to bed until 6:30am. Other nights she is up around 9:30pm, 1:30am and 3:30am – WHY?! And does not settle no matter what. We tried cry it out which worked for Avery like a dream after a few nights. Well weeks later and this girl is stubborn and will go on for an hour. The weird part? NO TEARS. She is literally yelling, the waits a few minutes and yells more. Okay moving on – it is a stage and I am sure it will pass…soon…

Naps. Most days she naps 3 times, sometimes 4. Nap #1 is about 8:30am for 45-60 minutes, then around lunch for 1-2 hours and then late afternoon,3:30-4pm for 30 minutes. She usually sneaks in car naps in there for a few minutes too.


  • Eating solids daily (twice is our goal)
  • Sitting unassisted – which she loved
  • Getting into crawl position


Chloe you are my little firecracker when you want to be, I see it when you are hungry, at 1:30am and when you want something Avery has. You are still the happiest baby though, rarely crying during the day and will happily play on our own for as long as you can. These next few months are my favourite stage and I cannot wait to see you grow through them!



6 thoughts on “Chloe – 6 Months

  1. thebexfactor

    I love her hair in the first picture. Such a little sweet heart. Can't believe she's 6 months already. Before you know it she's going to be 1!

  2. Ashley

    Haha that last picture!!! Adorable!!! She is soo tiny! I wish Emilya was tiny, she's a giant lol! That's great she puts herself to sleep, we have to rock Em, but she's getting better at self soothing! Emilya was also waking up through the night for a few weeks when her teeth were coming in. She's getting back in track though! What homemade teething cookies do you make? I haven't tried mummums yet! She also isn't a fan of water yet! Silly girls!! Can't believe they are 6 months!!

    1. arunningtale

      Oh she is! Avery was a 1lb bigger than her at this age 🙁 Poor girl pukes so much she just cannot gain much weight. Hopefully soon before the health nurses get on me 😉
      I have no idea what started these night wake-ups, she has us confused for sure.
      I made some from Pinterest but I would not recommend them – I need to find a new recipe!


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