Chloe – Two Months

How on earth is Miss.C TWO months?!

Chloe two months edited

At her six week check-up she was in the 50th percentile for weight and length and 85th for head – HA.



  • The car, Avery was never a fan so this makes me happy!
  • White noise, it puts her to sleep in seconds.
  • Being outside, she is a very happy girl when she is outside and loves to nap outside.
  • To eat, this girl can EAT.
  • Baths and diaper changes


  • Being hungry
  • Being tired

Eating: Chloe loves to eat, some days she is mad at 2 hours if she wakes up and wants food NOW. She is a great nurser but can be impatient if the milk is not choking her lol. During the day she nurses every 2-3 hours and at night she wakes up to eat once – woot woot!

Sleeping: In the past two weeks she fell into a night routine and is pretty consistent now. Bed between 7:30-8pm where we lay her semi asleep in her crib, then a dream feed bottle at 10:30pm after that she sleeps until 3:30-4:00am, eats and sleeps until 6:30-7:00am.

She is the best at self soothing and getting herself to sleep, we basically lay her down in her crib and she puts herself to sleep – no soother or anything, just in her sleepsack! She does have a soother but at night we find it ends up being more of a pain for sure she we do not give it to her unless she is upset.


Naps are still random, we are doing the EASY routine but it all depends on what we are doing, how hungry she is etc so no set nap times yet and she naps 4 times a day usually. Her awake period is around an hour to 90 minutes. White noise is key for her, she naps like a champ with it so I play music over our speakers – we have built in ones in our house so it nice that she can nap in any room and have the music!

My goal this month is getting all her naps in her crib, right now we do the mid day nap (when Avery naps too) in her crib. I am finding it harder with two kids to have her on a nap schedule at home since we are busier out doing things to keep Avery happy too.


  • Smiles! All the smiles now:


  • Getting better head control every day now. Though she is not a tummy time fan yet.
  • Sleeping 7 hours straight at night.
  • Tracking objects and hitting at them (maybe not on purpose though!) on her playmat.


I am great, not every day is sunshine and rainbows but I never thought it would be. At the end of the day if we are all alive I am good to go 😉 I was cleared to workout mid May and have been working hard ever since. Weight wise the number on the scale has not changed and varies from 2-3lbs above pre-pregnancy weight which is nothing I am concerned about. I still have extra inches around my waist and belly button area so that is my focus. Since one month postpartum my measurements are about 1.5″ down around my hips, 1″ around my waist and .5″ around my bust, not too bad!

Avery is still rocking the big sister thing and loves Chloe to death, I cannot wait to see them grow up together!


8 thoughts on “Chloe – Two Months

  1. Ashley

    Love her romper!!! I can't believe our babies are 2 months old either!!! Emilya has 2 pounds on Chloe and I won't know length until next week!! Emilya hates the car!!! Soo frustrating!! Glad to hear everything is going well!!!

  2. Kelly

    She is so adorable! Love the pineapple romper.
    I wasn't following your blog yet when Avery was this age, Do you think they look much alike? I think it's so fun to do side-by-side photo comparisons of Swede & Abel at the same age.

    1. arunningtale

      I told you when we are coming, right!? Well we kinda know, I am registered for the Phx marathon Feb 27 so we will be there for two weeks around that time! SO excited to see you guys!


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