Clean Eating Update

We finished our two weeks of clean eating a few days ago now so I thought I would share ore of what changes we made. The changes for us were fairly simple and not that much different. But at the same time they had a huge difference in many ways. Here is what we tried to stick to:

Avoid processed foods, and white flour/sugar. Since processed foods typically mean higher sodium, sugar and trans fat contents we tried to avoid these are much as possible. We still allowed treats with these ingredients but those were limited and ate more mindfully.

Shop the perimeter. This is something we typically do, but stuck with it even more during these two weeks. Helps to avoid temptations!

Add more veggies! My goal was to eat as much as I could every day. Salads for lunch or a large bag of raw veggies, then 3-5 veggies with supper. I find that it is much easier for us to eat more during the summer months so this was pretty easy.

Limit your alcohol. Or avoid it all together. Chad had some beers still but I had no drinks for two weeks. I have not been a huge drinker but the last 18 months I have drank more (haha). It helped that I was on medication and could not drink for part of the time!

Drink more water. This was something I challenged Chad to do more than myself. It can be such a small change with many benefits!

Limiting eating out. Eating out usually means processed foods or uncertainty of the ingredients so we tried to stay clear of eating out as much as possible. Bonus – it also saved money!

Those are the main changes we made for the past two weeks. We were not perfect, Blizzards were had, iced coffees and probably too much dark chocolate. The point of this was not perfection but to get us eating more whole food more mindfully and I think we accomplished that.


5 thoughts on “Clean Eating Update

  1. Alison

    Good for you. I haven't had a drink in 5+ months – take that! ha ha 🙂 But honestly – you guys do a great job of this, I think it probably helps to have both of you on board!

  2. Ashley

    Good job!! Summer is hard to eat clean with all the ice cream, cook outs, etc. I need to get better with drinking more water, I know it makes a huge difference!!

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Good job! I agree with Ashley above – summertime has got to the toughest time to clean up your diet!!


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