Color Me Rad Race Recap

So I have to start by saying that this is my first blog post published on my phone! Now that a few issues are sorted & I have a new host I can get back to my regular schedule 🙂

Now back to Saturday….me and Chad headed to Calgary to run the Color Me Rad 5km. My mom stayed home with Avery so it was nice mini get away for us.

We got there, found parking fairly easily then went to see some bloggers that were meeting up. We decided to head to the start line to wait for the next heat and within minutes they started to countdown to run. I was confused since it wasn’t time yet and I had planned to wait for the others. But we decided to just go.

The first km was actually a little tough on me, a few small hills and the heat got to me standing outside in it. But we just settled into a light jog and I started to feel better.

First race selfie:


It was just past this we saw the finish line and said “what?!” but the course just went by the finish line. The course was different than last year, but I wouldn’t say better or worse. This year we ran through a gravel parking lot which was odd. It kind of reminded me of a driving course with all the pylons! It also was quite hot since there was no shade at that point.

The nice thing was the addition of the color stations having water guns and gel color which cooled you down.

The 5km was over before we knew it, and Chad wanted to run it again…

At the finish line:


We took a walk around, grabbed water before heading to the car to clean up. The color actually bothers my skin a lot and I was already itchy and had a rash starting.


The value for this race is really good, you get an awesome shirt & socks for the $42 fee.


Since Chad didn’t run it last year I bought him sunglasses this year. Last year we got the sunglasses for free versus socks.


All in all this is a really fun run, lots of families do it which is awesome. I’d love to bring Avery one year once she’s older.

After we found a patio for a drink and lunch:


We had one more stop before heading home, going to see Leigh and her family! We had a short but great visit and I got to see Amelia again, who is so adorable and smiley!

It was such a fun & hot day, even if it made for a crazy weekend with packing etc. for holidays.

As I type this we are headed on holidays for the next week, I have a couple posts scheduled for this week but will catch up next week!

This will be out longest road trip as a family!


Thank goodness for iPads!

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6 thoughts on “Color Me Rad Race Recap

  1. Alison

    Sounds like an awesome run, I did it last year and sorta wished we did it this year but I would have died running in the heat preggo on Sat. Love this years shirts!
    Sad I missed you! I was so jealous when Justin said he got to hangout with you guys! ha ha No fair!

  2. Alycia

    I want to for sure do the Colour Me Rad next year! It looks like such a fun event! AND YES, thank goodness for iPads when travelling!

    Looks like you had a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Haha love Chad's shirt! Just noticed it while reading this post. Did you guys go to the patio and to Leah's all covered in colour or were you able to wash a lot of it off?? Haha!

    1. arunningtale

      I am slightly jealous of his shirt 😉 I wish it fit me!
      We did get it basically all off with baby wipes! lol. It bugs my skin so much so I cannot leave it n long (why I rushed back to the car!).


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