With the changing seasons (ahem – winter to summer!) it is time to share some of my “currentlys”:

Currently excited for…SUMMER!

In a few weeks time we went from winter & sledding to what feels like July, running through the sprinkler in bathing suits:

I was so excited I picked up the girls this and know they will have a blast this summer with it!

Currently eating…tofu

I have always liked tofu but never tried hard enough to bake it the way I liked it. The other week I finally did and am obsessed now. 450 for 15 minutes, flip and another 15 minutes. Before I tossed in olive oil and soy sauce then coated in corn starch. Such an easy thing to add to meals and the family loves it too.

Currently wanting...Birkenstocks.

For the past few years I buy rip off ones but realize they fall apart so easily and then I am replacing them every year. My brother pointed out spending the extra money on Birkenstocks in actually worth it for this reason.

Currently watching…Shameless.

I know, I am SO late to the game on this one but I finally gave in and love the series!

Currently training for… Stampede Half Marathon!

After a few months off training and running in general I am back in it with our first “long” run of 12km last weekend.

I am also running at lunch time with my coworkers in preparation for a local 10km we are doing and really enjoying lunch runs!

Currently planning…my garden & backyard projects!

We have some major landscaping to do this summer after getting a professional plan last summer. I have a love/hate relationship with landscaping but excited to get it done this year. We are hoping to plant our garden in a couple weeks so stay tuned for that post!

Currently hoping… Chloe kicks her cold soon!

Poor girl has had a cold for over a week! From congestion and now a bad cough she is not catching a break. I get spring colds (and have a bad cough too) but am so over it, with the cough comes bad sleeps too!


What are you currently excited for?

2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Kelly

    I am excited for summer too! Despite a mild winter though I feel like it's not quite summer here yet. At least it's not bathing suits and sprinklers in the back yard summer yet. Soon though.
    I have some ambitious landscaping & gardening plans for our yard too which I am definitely feeling love/hate about. It's pretty daunting (and expensive) to contemplate the full overhaul but it will be worth it when complete.

    1. arunningtale

      Our weather has been so random, first it felt like spring might never come and now it feels like summer! Though it is raining today.
      Right? That is exactly how I feel too!


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