My “currently’s”:


Eating – Small amounts every 2 hours! haha. And all the sea salt dark chocolate possible 😉

Drinking – Not mojitos, though i did request a yummy virgin drink for Valentines Day – I have high demands 😉 I have also started drinking Shakeology almost daily and have a ton of thoughts around it that I do need to share soon.


Excited…To decorate the house!  I want to hang all the photos etc now, or well yesterday (poor Chad) and found the perfect entry table last week and am planning a small gallery wall above it.


Wishing…For summer! Okay, spring would do too. It just has hit me that I am not working this summer and get my summer off with my two girls – gah, how lucky am I?! I have been buying both girls all the summer clothes – thank you Old Navy for stealing all my money.


Missing…My usual workouts, long run, headstands, just going all our for a workout. But the time will come when I can work my butt off again, I am ready to sweat!

Reading…Sharp Objects. This is a book that given the time I could read in a weekend, pulls you in and is an easy read.


Thankful…For all my wonderful friends and family and most of all Chad for all the help moving etc. People took the day off work to help us and worked their butts off and I owe them all. Chad has not only worked hard to move but on top of it dealt with my crazy type A, pregnant self…I owe him big time.

Loving…my own tub! At our old house the main bathroom was attached to Avery’s room and had the bathtub SO having a bath after she was in bed was a no-go. Bu now I have one in the ensuite and take advantage every single night!



What are you currently loving and drinking?

20 thoughts on “Currently

  1. nutcaseinpoint

    Oh you bit the bullet on shakeo! I have to stick to vega until there's another sale! And we've been on his house for almost five years and still have zero pictures on the wall

  2. thebexfactor

    I just finished the book last night. So good. I read her other book Dark Places before starting that one and it was also really good.

    I have new house envy! Love that big tub!

    1. arunningtale

      Me too! I really liked it too. I might need to check that one out. I have a stack of to read books but seems I can only keep up with book club ones these days, maybe after baby I will more down time – HA.
      Well if you are not too busy one of the next few weekends, you should come by and see the house!

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Oh I'm curious to hear your thoughts on Shakeology! Is that the vegan chocolate or regular one? I've only tried the vegan one. Yay for having your own bathtub!! I'm not a huge bath person but it is nice to have it for when I do want a bath.

    1. arunningtale

      It is the vegan one I have right now, though I tried regular vanilla and chocolate too. Chocolate is much better I think and I do not notice a difference between the vegan and regular. I will share my thoughts soon!!
      Right?! I love baths and it sucked that after A was in bed I could not have one since I am sure that would have woken her up. Though it was nice having a door from the main bath to her room at the old house!

  4. Ashley

    That entry table is super cute!! I have been loving bathes too, but the hot tub has been winning me over for easiness to get in and out haha, just sucks its outside on the cold nights haha. I am getting back into drinking lots of water!!!

  5. Alison

    I'm excited to hear how you like Shakeo! Teh Vegan is way better. Wait until we get Cafe Latte in Canada, it's SO good. Who are you getting this Shakeo from…?? ha ha
    YAY for your own tub. Even though my kids use mine more than theirs now… 😉 may fault. I can't wait to see your house. Looks so beautiful. I'm jealous you get to decorate.

    1. arunningtale

      I should have said, it is black market Shakeo lol. Bought it from a friend who did not want it.
      I almost asked A if she wanted to bath in the ensuite the other night and then thought I will not start that haha!
      Thank you! Don't be too jealous, Chad does not let me do too much (or buy much!) haha

  6. Leigh

    What do you think of the shakeology? I've never tried it but heard it's $$$. Love your new entry way table. We have a huge tub in our bathroom and I rarely use it

    1. arunningtale

      I like it, I do notice a difference in my energy etc taking it 5-7 days a week (usually only half a scoop) and would love to get it but the price – eek! I bought this for a lot cheaper off a friend who did not want it. I will do a full post on it in the next bit for sure 🙂

  7. P. Jeanne

    Yum, sea salt dark chocolate is one of my favorites! I'm excited to see how you get the house all decorated and yay for your own tub, looks marvelous ❤ btw, we need to set up our Skype date, it's been WAY too long! And so awesome that you'll get the summer off with both girls, excited to hear about all the fun things you'll do (and cute outfits you put them in)! I think I need to get that book, I'm back into reading a lot and just about ready for a new one!

    1. arunningtale

      Yes we DO! Funny, I was thinking today, did I dream P left a comment about Skype? haha, nope! My next couple of weekends are open so we can figure a date out 🙂
      Yes, it is a quick read and good, not a light read though, pretty dark.

  8. Nicole

    I just ordered some more shakeo. That price is steep!! I won't be doing that monthly! Shipping is insane.

    I'm adding that book to my must-read list! I love her other books.

    I am not a bathtub person but yours looks lovely! Can you share more house pictures??? Don't want until you have more pictures up!

    Love the summer clothes! I've ordered a few things for the kids but A is so picky that I'm not going to spend too much on her until I know what she is willing to wear. I even showed her pictures and she said no to the floral dress. Yet she wears her floral pants all the time… I also don't know if she will wear shorts this summer but if I don't buy them now I won't be able to find any her size come July! I had this issue last year…

  9. Destini_S

    I just remembered you moved into your new house! Had to go back to find this post! LOVE IT!

    I am interested to know your thoughts on Shakeology too 🙂 I switch mine up all the time.


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