Some “currentlys” from my life these days…

Currently reading... We picked a new book club book last week, The Little Paris Bookshop.

Currently eating…I talked about this last week but I am getting back on track with all the salads, smoothies and healthier treats.


Currently wanting…a massage, but I think I still need to wait a few weeks to be comfortable having one done.

Currently excited for…Summer!! This package from Alba Botanica last week got me even more excited, stay tuned for when we try out this new to us sSettingsunscreen.


Current “project”… garage sale prep for the long weekend, so much stuff we are getting rid of! I am excited to have a clean garage after this.

Current workout…technically I am not working out yet BUT I do walk almost daily for 20-30 minutes and have started a stretching routine and VERY light core work for 10 minutes in the evenings.


Currently thankful for… A LOT. But these days I am so thankful for another content baby (how did I get so lucky twice?!). Seriously though, she only cries if she is hungry every few hours and can self soothe in the middle of the night even without her soother. Yes, this is a brag post 😉 She is the perfect second child and knows Mom cannot be everywhere at once!



What are you currently reading? eating? thankful for?

8 thoughts on “Currently

  1. thebexfactor

    I'm currently reading Brie's bookclub read, Remember Mia and am LOVING IT.
    Currently eating NOTHING because I'm still stuffed from last night's event.
    Currently thankful for everything today as I watch the devastation up north.

    1. arunningtale

      I cannot get into our book club book! Ack.
      haha, I need to try Roosters! Though it might be a while before we get there, trying not to eat out a lot.

  2. Kelly

    How do you like The Little Paris Bookshop? I think that is the only DNF book I've started in a long time… The idea sounded so good but I just could not get into it!
    I'm going out to sushi tonight and can't wait!

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Currently reading The Hero's Walk and listening to Jim Gaffigan's book, Dad is Fat on audio. He has 5 kids!! And lives in a two bedroom apartment in NYC. It's crazy but he's so funny.

    Currently thankful for my home and that Jim has a job. The events up north are heartbreaking (can you imagine having to flee with a toddler and/or baby, yikes!) and there are still so many people losing their jobs down here 🙁

    1. arunningtale

      I have never listened to a audio book, I feel like I would space out too much haha.
      YES! I could not imagine, we are so lucky to have everything we do right now, so many people cannot say that.


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