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It has been awhile since I have shared some fun things I am loving and using these days!

I found these Clif bars in Phoenix and loved them but had no hope we would have them here but I was wrong and we do now!

So I am working hard on some makeup skills, okay not really but I am trying… mainly when it comes to my eyebrows and eye makeup. I finally bought eyebrow gel (key!) and replaced my really old eyeshadow palette with this new one.

In Phoenix Chad’s Step-Mom had these Re-Play plates for the girls and we loved them so I got some for our girls for their Easter baskets.

Funny story, I was taking photos for this post and had the plates out. Avery was upstairs (or so I thought), and I was putting away the plates when she came down the stairs… “Mom, I saw something pink and purple on grey table, what was it?” “Nothing” I replied. “I know you are hiding something, you can tell me you know”. haha. I then changed the subject but now I am sure she will realize it at Easter so might need to say they are from me versus the Easter bunny.

I have become jar obsessed in my pantry and now have a whole shelf of jars – after all they just look prettier and more organized. These ultraviolet glass jars by Infinity Jars are perfect for storing dry foods, they are airtight, lightproof, leak proof and smell proof!

I have two sizes, the 150mL and 500mL – both are screw top making them the perfect choice for storing spices and other bulk foods. I love that they also preserve the freshness of the foods as well. I think these would be great for storing herbs and coffee for this reason!

Spring! Spring arrived Monday and well I am a tad happy 😉 I am ready to spend more time outside without a million layers on.

I have been drinking more tea lately, and this one is my current obsession. No idea what I will do once it is gone, Trader Joes come north!!


7 thoughts on “Currently Loving

  1. thebexfactor

    Hahaha Avery "I know you're hiding something". She cracks me up!

    I was excited to see we have those Clif Bars too. I don't know that I will be able to go back to regular Clif Bars after this!

  2. Nicole

    Where did you find the Clif Bars? I haven't tried them but I'm getting bored with my usual ones.

    LOL to Avery!! Audrey does that all the time when I have food in my mouth. "What are you eating? Tell me!" I need to buy stuff for Easter but I always have the kids with me and nothing gets passed them anymore.

    I really like those glass jars! We have clear ones on our pantry, which I still need to reorganize.

    1. arunningtale

      Save On Foods 🙂
      I think they are always watching us, Avery does that too, what are you eating? Chocolate? haha.
      I have mostly clear ones but I like these since they keep out light and in freshness more. I notice in my mason ones things that we do not eat as fast tend to go stale sometimes.

  3. Kelly

    We have some utensils by Replay and I was just looking for some new plates & bowls – Glad you reminded me about them! I like that it's recycled plastic.

  4. Alison

    I must find those clif bars, they sound delicious! We have those plates and love them for sure! Delainey always has to have every spot filled with something at all times. I can't hide anything from D either! Kids are smart!


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