Easter Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had their fill of chocolate this weekend – we sure have! It was a full long weekend and I actually have today off too!


We worked out, got groceries, baked and then spent the day doing the big bed swap.

And took some Easter photos of this girls:

A few months back I found a bed for Chloe on Wayfair, Avery insisted she get a new bed and she would give hers to Chloe. Long story short, it actually worked better to do it this way so that is what we did.

However, come Friday Avery was less than happy about Chloe getting her bed – even with the reminders this was her choice. But after a few hours of crying (no joke) and her bed was all set-up life was a-okay once again.

Chloe in her new bed!

I was not sure how well it would look and fit in her room but it looks great and leaves more space than I thought still.

Avery’s new bed:

That night Avery decided to sleep with Chloe so she was not scared – I thought for sure this would be a horrible idea but it went over well!

We finished the day watching Pitch Perfect 3 – which did not disappoint!


Besides a 2am “water” call from Chloe then at 5am she woke up and turned on her light her first night went great!

I went to a morning spin class – and got my butt kicked as usual. Once I got home we got ready to head to Easter dinner with Chad’s extended family on his Step-Mom’s side. I took no photos all day, between visiting and chasing after Chloe there was no time 😉

Again Avery requested a “sleepover” with Chloe, so we let them, before we went to bed I snapped this photo:

We played Easter bunny and called it a night!


The girls had another great night and both were up at their usual time. We did the egg hunt thing, then had a small breakfast since we were going out for brunch with my family.

Their Easter baskets:

Bother nap times so far in the big girl bed have been almost too easy…”Chloe it is nap time” “Ok” and she goes to her bed and goes right to sleep – I feel like this is a trick!

During nap time I cleaned, Avery and Chad played with the Lego the Easter bunny brought her:

Later we ran a few errands then spent the rest of the day around home. I wish we had nicer weather to get outside as I think we all need some fresh air but it was still a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Recap

  1. Becky

    That's so sweet that Avery kept Chloe company in her new bed. What a good big sis!

    Looks like you guys had a great weekend. I'm so over this cold weather. It seemed like Mother Nature was teasing us with that warm weather. Come back please!


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