Family Photos 2017

Family photos for me are a yearly necessity. I find myself more behind the camera than in photos so capturing us all together in more than one photo  is important.

This year I wanted photos done in Canmore, it is one of our favourite places and so beautiful! We had our photos early October and here that means it could be 15 and sunny or -15 and snowing. So the 2 degree weather seemed like an okay compromise with Mother Nature.

Once we got to Canmore it was between sunny and cloudy with a cold wind, then as we got out to go and meet Whitney some snow started to fall!

The girls are troopers in cold weather but one thing they hate? The wind – just like me. And it was windy. So we made a change of plans and went into the trees more for shelter. The girls did great the first little bit but when we tried to go up to the bridge they were less thrilled. That then carried into the rest of the shoot. But I told myself that photos with a one and three year old would be what they would so we rolled with it.

Avery -I am jealous of how photogenic she is!

Whitney is nothing short of amazing and made it work – and I could not be more happy with the final photos! Even the tears made for great photos – sorry Chloe 😉

It was super cute that Chloe got upset and Avery went to hug her:

When all either girl wanted was me to hold them and Avery would not let go of her blanket – mom fail for letting is tag along!

Mom life in one photo:

Chad finally got smiles from Miss. Serious with tickles:

Us trying our hardest to get the girls to have fun:

Avery was super impressed 😉

You would never know the girls were crying at our legs in this photo:

I have already ordered a million prints, trying to narrow done what ones I want as canvases and then I have to pick the ones for our Christmas cards!


12 thoughts on “Family Photos 2017

  1. Kelly

    Aww, These are really fun and sweet and REAL – I love them! Pretty sure my kids would try to sneak their beloved blankies into the photo too. 🙂

  2. Alison

    They are perfect!! I LOVE them. Perfect spot and you guys look great. That's what we said with ours too, they are 3 and 1, can't expect much. But you know you can count on Whit!

  3. thebexfactor

    They are all amazing. Even with the blanket in the picture, etc. you will look back on them and remember that this was exactly who Avery and Chloe were at this age. And the ones of Avery comforting Chloe are just the sweetest. True sister love right there. <3


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