final honeymoon recap!

well we have only been back for just over a month and I am finally finishing the honeymoon recap! our last port was Nassau, Bahamas, but prior to that we spent a full day at sea.

our final full day at sea was spent suntanning, reading and watching movies outside and of course a gym trip – it was a great, relaxing day.

but back to the exciting part…

our first view of the Atlantis resort from our room’s balcony;

as you can see it was a little overcast out but we didn’t mind since we had our share of sunny days and the weather was still warm. random fact: ever since I was little I remember seeing the commercials on TV for this resort and thinking that I would always go there on my honeymoon – though we didn’t stay there this was as close as it could get for this little 10 years old dream 🙂

another view of some mansions on paradise island:

it was a later arrival at the port – so prior we were able to hit the gym that morning too. shortly after noon we got off the ship – with one plan in mind – to explore the Atlantis resort.

we had to take a sea taxi to Paradise Island (where the resort is) – which was well, interesting to say the least – it was quite the “boat” with maybe enough life jackets for 10 of the people versus the 60 they crammed into it. but we had an awesome “tour guide” to distract me from this – his name was Belly and he told us some facts about the Bahamas on the quick 10 minute ride.

the yacht area by the resort:

while touring around – look what we found!

I was beyond excited (a week without Starbucks at this point!) and you better bet I jumped right in for an iced chai latte. I took full advantage of the “iced” drink since it would be awhile before I could enjoy another at home without freezing to death 😉

we also found this awesome bench (no we didn’t go into Ben & Jerry’s – I was more than happy with my latte!)

next we headed straight into the Atlantis resort – where we learned that you could only really access the casino for free, the rest of resort you had to pay for. this was a-okay since I really wanted to see it and we had nothing else planned for the day. after standing in line for at least 45 minutes to pay the $40 per person we were off to explore the resort and aquarium.

tunnel where the fish (sharks too!) swim over you:

some of my favorite “water’ friends:

and last but not least – check out this dude:

we took a picture of me beside him for a size comparison 🙂

Chad checking out some of the aquariums:

another picture of me with the resort in the background:

did you know that the bridge area that links the two towers rents for $35,000/night with a minimum three night stay and there is a wait list to stay there!?
we took a walk around the perimeter of the resort and snapped this perfect photo – it screams paradise to me!

since we had basically seen everything we could we decided to head back to the port and check out the market there, oh and that Senor Frogs we spotted earlier 😉

quick note – no, the $40 per person was not worth it – but being as we might never go back and I really wanted to see it I was fine paying it. also if you wanted access to the resort’s beach areas and waterslides etc it was $120 per person. I also found the resort to be dated and in need of a little TLC – or at least the parts we saw. but then again after seeing their fabulous TV commercials all these years maybe my expectations were too high!

after all the walking around the resort we needed a drink and stopped at Senor Frogs (we had never been to one before) and each had a margarita.

I thought this seat was hilarious!

and Chad found this hilarious (remember I am 5’2″ at my best):

right next door was the straw market, so we decided to check it out. now, please note I am not only to haggle or bargain and am basically a sucker. therefore within the first few steps of walking into the market I got sucked into a purse, a knock off Coach purse, but it was a awesome teal color (perfect for summer) and I did get the lady down to $40 from $65 🙂 wandering a bit further I found a lady selling these cute little wooden crabs with movable limbs. yes, once again I am a sucker. she told me it was $18 (what?!?) but after Chad checked his pockets we realized the only cash we had left was $8 so we said no and went to walk away…but she told Chad to check his pockets for more money (we really had no more) and then when she realized that said we could have it for $8! I could not say no now, so away we went with our new little crab friend. though I still have nightmares that this lady couldn’t feed her children that night because of me…

since we still had time to spare to checked out downtown Nassau a bit more. I loved all the brightly painted buildings!

no more money = no more shopping so we headed back to the ship. since I had yet to take picture of the ship I made Chad pose on the dock for one last photo:

before I end the recap I also wanted to talk about the fantastic entertainment on the ship. in my posts I focused more on the ports but one the highlights we thought was the entertainment. we had Blue Man group, a Cirque de Soleil dinner theatre, Legends in Concert (impersonators), Howl at the Moon (dueling piano bar), Jeff Hobson (hilarious comedian), and there was also mini game shows the cruise staff put on – Newly Wed’s Game Show and the Perfect Couple are the two we saw which we really funny (no we didn’t sign up as contestants!).

the next morning we got off the ship bright and early, spent way too much time waiting in Miami airport for our flight and got back to our home, sweet home around midnight.

we loved our honeymoon and I hope everyone enjoyed the recaps of it.

did you take a honeymoon? if so, where did you go?

have a great weekend everyone!

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