Finding Time for Fitness

I had about ten different titles for this post and finally settled on this one since the title itself is where I want to focus. It is not actually about finding the time but MAKING the time.


For the last 7 years fitness and working out has been a priority of mine. I treat it like my job, it is not a “if I have time” to-do on my daily list, it is a scheduled (just like my paid job) activity. This does a few things for me:

1 -Keeps me accountable. If it is written down there is a 98% chance I will do it. If not, there is probably only a 30% chance I will do it.

2 – No guessing. Like meal planning, I do not have to think for more than a few seconds on what work out I will be doing because it is planned at least a week out.

3 – Balance. I can balance my workouts, from running, to strength, spin, yoga and rest days I am able to balance them out in a weekly schedule.

I will be the first the admit that working out 5-6 days a week was much easier before having kids but it is by no means impossible, and if it is a priority and non-negotiable on your daily “to-do” list you do find the time. My number one tip when it comes to working out as a Mom:

Work out first thing in the morning


This could be 5am or 10am but do it the first chance you get in the morning. Then it is done and out of the way for your busy day. But Lindsey you say – my kids are busy/do not nap, I work full-time etc… Probably less than 10% of my workouts are done without kids (or when they are asleep). When I was working I was up at 5am to get in my workouts so that I did not comprise evening time with Avery since I know how precious (and hectic!) that time is.

Here is how to get in workouts WITH your kids:

1- Keep them short. Beachbody is awesome for this, they have workouts for only 22 minutes a day! Set up you kid(s) close by with toys, a TV show or books. I keep them both within my vision so I can tend to them if needed. Though 80% of the time they are fine for 30 minutes or so – and they should be!

2 – Take them with you! I run twice a week with both girls, and they love it. Both are so used to it they do awesome for long runs too. I always ask Avery to bring a toy or book with her, and try to go out when Chloe might have a nap.

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3- Find options with child care. I cannot speak to this too much,since I’ve never done it. But many places offer child care now from what I have seen.

My biggest point here is that is if it important to you, you will make the time and have your fitness as a non-negotiable on a daily basis.  I know for me working out does so much more for my well-being than passing up a daily workout for “x” reason(s). And that saying “you will never regret a workout” – 100% true!


15 thoughts on “Finding Time for Fitness

  1. Pretty Little Grub

    Great advice Lindsey! You're so right it's about making time. So many people use kids as an excuse not to workout but it's possible, you just have to make it work for you.

  2. Nicole

    So true!! Morning workouts are hard for me though- I am not a morning person and I shower at night. I prefer to get the workout out of the way by doing it first thing but I know that it doesn't really work for me and afternoon or night time is best. I need hubby to set up my treadmill again asap!

    That last picture of the girls is awesome!

    1. arunningtale

      You do need your treadmill set-up! I know for people that are not morning people it just does not work, basically the opposite of me, it is so hard for me to workout after 5pm unless it is a scheduled class.

      1. Nicole

        Hubby's project (among a million others) this weekend 😉 You should have seen him trying to take it apart the day we moved. He had it all wrong, until I gave him the instructions. MEN! Don't break my treadmill!

        What time do you go to bed at night? My struggle partially is that I'm a night hawk but I wonder if waking early on my non-work days to get my runs/workouts in would be better. That way I'm not waking up as early and I'm not as rushed to get ready out the door.

        1. arunningtale

          Haha I remember when that was Chad! Chad told me he'd never move it again. I said then he'd buy a new one lol.

          Too late (for me)! About 11pm. 10pm is my preference but Chad gives Chloe a dream feed at 10:30 so I pump then too.

  3. thebexfactor

    Yup – I agree 100% with this post (ok not the part about 5am workouts, haha). You have to make it priority otherwise it never gets done. Being busy is an excuse. Everyone is busy!

  4. Ambergwtrh

    Great advice that is good for non parents too! It's all about making the time. I have started scheduling / planning my workouts a week in advance and it's so helpful to me and keeps me accountable!

    1. arunningtale

      For sure, no matter what it is there is always an excuse (kids, work, bad day etc) so you just commit to it and make it work for you. I do the same thing when I plan my week ahead!

  5. mrscmcd

    I cannot do morning workouts on the days I have to work… I schedule them but they never happen! So, I just schedule them for the minute my kid falls asleep. 🙂

    I do them when she's awake though, on the weekends, and she actually likes to follow along when I do Yoga! Starting her out early!

    Great post.

  6. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    I totally agree with this! I mean, I don't work out nearly a fraction of what you do, but I definitely don't blame my kid for my lack of workouts. When I was working out more regularly, I also never worked out during nap time. If you keep your workouts short and efficient, there's no reason they can't be done while your kid is awake (just like you said!). I think it's important that kids see their parents working out too – it sets a good example, but if you always do it while they aren't around, how will they learn? Great post!

  7. arunningtale

    Exactly! Some days my 30 minute workout takes an hour because of the kids but they certainly don't stop me. I agree it's so important for them to see us workout. Avery tells people she works out like me 🙂
    Thank you!


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