Foodie Friday

For the first week back after a week off this week flew by!

Tonight, we are going for supper with Chad’s Mom and Step-Dad, then probably just going home. This weekend there is more nursery stuff for us to do, we have Chad’s Grandma’s 85th birthday party, and then some neglected yard work.

I never did get a Foodie Friday post up last week, I meal planned but forgot about the post seeing as we were just on our way back from holidays.

For this week:

Saturday – Roasted Chickpeas Nachos

Sunday – We will be at the birthday party

Monday –  Superfood Quinoa Salad – Iowa Girl Eats

Tuesday – Soup (TBD) & cilantro and cheese biscuits

Wednesday – Burgers (BBQ) and kale salad

Thursday – Grilled tuna wraps, waffle fries and salad

Friday – Creamy Kale & Mushroom Chicken Pasta – Iowa Girl Eats

I am officially a on eat/clear our garden mission. We have tons of lettuce, kale. beans, peas to eat asap. Along with carrots, onions and beets once I dig them up. The really sad news? After years of having tons of zucchini this year we got ZERO. Plants are there, healthy and flowering but no veggies. I am sad since I love baking with it.

And just so today’s post in not photo-less, some pics from this week:

A slow but steady progress on the nursery:



I feel huge these days! Tummy feels like it cannot get bigger, though I know it can and will:

IMG_20130815_194314 (1)


Last night’s supper, BBQ chicken pizza and kale. With baby taking up so much room eating is a challenge some days. I get full so easy.



2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Heather

    Freeze your Kale!! Wash, dry, freeze, it comes out of the freezer sweeter and just like fresh picked pretty much. Same with bean and peas just a quick blanch and then freeze them. Also, I still have shredded zuchinni in my freezer from last year if you want some I will bring you some! You look awesome and baby is super cute!

    1. arunningtale

      I will do just that! Thanks 🙂 So much kale this year! I would LOVE zucchini, wanted to bake and freeze muffins for when baby comes. Baby is growing that is for sure. I think my belly button is days away from popping. Crazy.


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