Foodie Friday

Happy Friday people! Today is bittersweet for me, it is my last day of work… I have been at my current job for just over 5 years now and love going there 99% of the time. My co-workers have become like family to me. Not going there 5 days a week is going to be a HUGE change for me. One that right now I cannot say I am okay with. Today won’t be easy. But I know that I am very lucky to be able to be a stay at home Mommy the next year and that come a year from now going back will be just as tough. Wish me luck today!

Onto next week’s meal plans. Guess what? Being unemployed next week means I can actually cook and spend more than 30 minutes on cooking supper. Saying that here is the plan:

Saturday – Out

Sunday – Fish tacos with mango salsa

Monday – Easy Creamy Tomato Pasta – Oh She Glows

Tuesday – Quinoa, Black Bean and Citrus salad – Iowa Girl Eats 

Wednesday – Chicken Tortilla soup (crockpot) – Source

Thursday – Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto – Iowa Girl Eats

Friday – Coconut Lime Chicken and Quinoa – I will double this for a freezer meal. – Source

This weekend we have a few plans, I am going out to a friend’s place for a party for home based businesses, where I will try and not spend too much money (mat leave pay will be another adjustment around here), we are hopefully going to see Chad’s Dad, then probably staying low in the next bit before Baby K decided to make her appearance. My Dr said yesterday that really now that I am full term she can come anytime. I am hoping for the next 1-2 weeks Winking smile

Enjoy your Friday!


5 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Alison

    I know how you feel but like people told me – and they were so right – you will not miss work 1 bit once little miss comes. Now I cry just thinking about having to go back and leaving her! But enjoy your last day and I hope you have a couple weeks to yourself!!

    1. Lindsey

      haha I think that will be the case for sure. Right now is another story, hopefully she does not wait too long to come cause then I might be missing work more than usual. lol.

  2. Nicole

    Enjoy your last day! You will love your new job!

    I used to go to those parties all the time- my sister used to have them. I kind of miss the excuse to get out and visit with friends. Of course now I don't really have time and I feel bad going out in the evenings.

    I can't believe she will be here any day! I'm dying to know her name and see what she looks like!

    1. Lindsey

      Thank you, it will be a change for sure. Yeah they are a nice chance to get out with friends for sure, maybe I can grab a couple things for Christmas gifts.


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