Foodie Friday

Friday!! This week actually felt a bit longer than the last couple. I have been on the tired side which does not help, it is a shock if I am still awake at 9pm.

Did I ever mention I joined a book club? I am pretty cool. I want to read more and knew this would get me into reading more but I got behind this week, and not have 10 chapters to read in less than a week. Oh boy. See, going to bed ta 9pm basically cuts out my reading time which usually would be between 9-10pm so I might need a new plan…

Want to know what else I do NOT do during the week now? Take photos. I blame the fact that we leave to work in the dark and get home in the dark and are left with bad lighting. I do manage to get some Instagram photos up though if anyone wants to see our smiling (or not) faces Smile

Now that I am feeling all over the place with this post I will move onto meal planning for the next week:

Saturday – Crockpot Maple Dijon Chicken (Skinny Taste) & Asparagus and Potato Salad (Oh She Glows)

Sunday – Birthday Party for a friend’s little girl

Monday – Slow cooker Thai Chicken Soup –(foodie crush)

Tuesday – Tuna wraps & sweet potato fries

Wednesday – Gourmet mac & cheese

Thursday – Baked Honey Lime Taquitos (Six Sisters’ Stuff)

Friday – Chicken Quinoa Chili – (freezer meal since I am at a event that night so Chad and Avery are on their own!)

I basically now refuse to spend more than 30 minutes cooking supper during the week which can make meal planning challenging. So if you have quick ideas send them my way!

Weekend plans? I feel like we are entering the holiday season starting this weekend. Saturday we are going “festival lights the night” downtown where they have ice sculptures, light City Hall park and other things, Sunday I am going to a Christmas craft sale with my Mom and then we have the birthday party that evening.

Have a great weekend and make sure to get in your entries for my holiday gift guide giveaway with Urban Cowgirl and Modern B Boutique. Both are awesome local shops you will LOVE!


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