Foodie Friday

Even though today marks the first day of Spring word has it that some the white stuff is heading our way over the next few days – insert sad face here. I really thought we were done with it! Thankfully, it won’t last too long.

So this week… Avery has been a tad irritable, I am guessing it is part of toddler-hood though. Just easily frustrated and very set in what she wants. I have been sticking with my Fix Extreme, and it is kicking my butt. I am sore every day. I see why it is only 21 days! Last night I had book club, our book was Boy’s Life¬†and was also my first book club DNF. After reading some summaries I want to finish it one day, just not right now.

Enough about our week, since I know you are all here for meal planning!


Saturday – Chicken Fajitas & roasted cauliflower

Sunday– Roasted chicken ravioli (from Costco) & kale salad

Monday РSkinny Chicken Parmesan & asparagus (Skinny Taste)

Tuesday – Grilled garlic sole & Roasted Potato & Asparagus Salad (Oh She Glows)

Wednesday – Kale and Edamame Salad (source) & grilled chicken

Thursday – Avocado Pasta (damn delicious) & veggie (TBD)

Friday – Grilled veggies & bison smokies

This weekend is pretty full for us. Tonight I am off to a gala function for a local charity, it is actually a Dancing with the Stars type of event, where local “celebrities” train for months to compete tonight. And there is an open bar, just sayin’…Tomorrow we have swim lessons, I have a yoga workshop then I was hoping to get out for a walk on the trails but that might change if we get 10-15cm of snow! Sunday, we are planning on going to a family expo they are having here. So much fun on the agenda!


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