Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a good week. We FINALLY got some rain and even a good thunderstorm. Anyone else love summer storms? I do!

This week…Monday we spoiled Miss.A and got her a “bike”, if you follow me on Instagram you saw this already:

avery on bike

We looked at a few options for her lately but nothing really was looking like it would work until we saw this. It was not cheap but it also coverts into a small scooter and a larger one so in theory it should be usable for a few more years at least. Her short little legs can reach the ground, it is stable, not too heavy and she does not have to pedal. Perfection!

Tuesday I had my dental surgery. A few years ago I had a tooth pulled due to an incident, then between being pregnant & maternity leave I put off having it replaced. The procedure takes a few months but the first part (putting in the implant) is now done. If anyone has had this done you will know it is not a fun procedure! Luckily I had almost no pain after the freezing was out and have not had to take pain medication.

Wednesday and Thursday was low key, we had a couple storms in the evenings so did not do much. I ran on the treadmill last night with NO foot pain! Thank goodness for chiropractors, I went Monday to find out my ankle was badly out, causing all my foot pain. Geesh.

I may have placed another Old Navy order…Avery’s new shirt, this suits her perfectly!

messy hair

Chad and I were talking the other day and decided to really put some effort into eating very well the nest couple of weeks. We both agreed we do eat well for our meals but our snacks, drinking and treats are getting a tad out of control some days. We figure if we start by a two week commitment we can kick start some better habits for summer.

You will see this in the below meal plan, lots of veggies, no processed foods, lean protein, limited carbs (only whole grains), and limited cheese. Other “rules”: no liquor, no cookies, muffins, cake etc, no cereal (Chad!), reduced sugar intake. We will allow ourselves a cheat each week as well.

foodie friday

Here is week one of suppers for our clean eating challenge:

Saturday – Black Bean Mexican Soup – Eat Clean cookbook

Sunday – Coconut Chickpea Sweet Potato & Chickpea Stew – one ingredient chef

Monday – Roasted Balsamic Veggies with Chicken Kabobs

Tuesday – Citrus Chicken Quinoa Salad – Sally’s Baking Addiction

Wednesday – Kale & Edamame Salad and grilled lemon garlic sole

Thursday – Turkey bugers (no bun) with Chopped Greek Chickpea Salad – the garden grazer

Friday – Shrimp, Artichoke, Feta Pasta (brown rice pasta) – food n’ focus

Wish us luck! Or even better, join us Smile I will be posting more meal ideas and progress etc as well.

Not too much on the go this weekend, a birthday party, visiting my Grandma and hopefully tackling a couple DIY projects.


2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Ashley

    Ahhh soo far behind again!! Here comes a plethora of blog comments ahaha. Love her new shirt! I need one! Glad your surgery went well!! I need to goto the dentist.. I'm embarrassed to say how long it's been. I am seriously afraid of the dentist though and tend to pass out every time I go… Fun times! Love her bike! I haven't seen one like like that before!

  2. Kaella On The Run

    Good luck with your clean eats! I really need to clean up my eating too– it's bad when London is at his dad's house and I get out the cereal for supper lol!

    Also, I've heard awesome things about the Plasma bike!!


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