Foodie Friday

This was one hot and SLOW week. Talk about the dog days of summer over here… I am actually slowly getting ready for it to be fall.

This week we spent a lot of time inside in the evenings, it was just so hot out and Avery would spend all day outside at dayhome so a little inside time was called for. We did get out to the park Monday after work:


That would be the only photo from this week! Tuesday night we had a family supper out for Chad’s Step-Mom’s birthday. Is it just me or is it not stressful taking an almost two year old out for supper? Urgh. She did not bad but that was because I pulled a mom of the year move and got her fries with ketchup for supper knowing it would make her sit still.  BUT this battle is at home too! She would take an hour to eat her meals if she could, getting up and down off the chair one million times. Sigh.

I have a busy cooking week ahead, with at home suppers every night – this seems like a lot even though it is reality most weeks!


Saturday – Chicken, Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole – A Happy Healthy Whirlwind of a Life

Sunday – Chicken Taco Salad

Monday – Smokies and Tomato, Basil Risotto – Iowa Girl Eats 

Tuesday – Chicken Pesto Pasta – source

Wednesday – Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls (will use shrimp instead) – Iowa Girl Eats

Thursday – Strawberry & Cucumber Salad (Skinny Taste) & grilled fish

Friday – Apply Orchard Panini & kale salad – Iowa Girl Eats 

Weekend plans depend on the weather but we really want to take Avery to The Jungle Farm, we have a housewarming and should go visit my Grandma. And that is about all!

Enjoy your weekends!


9 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. thebexfactor

    I have the same struggle with Liam and eating. I bring his backpack full of toys, coloring book and crayons, and the ipad to a restaurant to try and keep him sitting down and behaved. I always said I never wanted to be one of those parents who brings an ipad to a restaurant but…….desperate times.

    On Tuesday Liam wanted to go to the ice cream shop. I told him the deal was he had to eat all of his supper first and with enough time to be able to go before bath time. We sat at the table for almost 1.5 hours until he finished so needless to say, we didn't make it to the ice cream shop. Know that you're not alone!! It's a toddler thing.

    Hope you guys have a good weekend! I still haven't made it to The Jungle Farm. Hopefully soon!

    1. arunningtale

      Oh the phone is the only thing that semi works! Crayons, books etc just are tossed and probably into food or drinks 😉
      Sounds like A! She literally takes from 6:45-8am to her breakfast and sometimes it gets packed for the drive to dayhome!
      You guys too!

  2. Alison

    SO HOT!!! D was awful eating when we were in NY but we were in a lot of restaurants!! SO we should try her again – ha ha!! The Jungle Farm sounds fun!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Haha, we often resort to fries and ketchup at a restaurant too. Toys/crayons or anything of that sort just get chucked off the table. Do you ever have leftovers left over from your meals? Do you take them for lunch?

  4. Nicole

    Eating at restaurants with kids is not my favourite thing. We bring colouring stuff for Audrey, snacks for both kids in case the food is taking awhile and often Leo ends up on our lap. Usually there is at least one meltdown by one or both of them at each meal out (and at home, who am I kidding!).

  5. Ashley

    Noah did pretty well with eating out, but make sure you have squeeze tubes and books/entertainment in your purse! I also order his food fight away if he's ordering off the kids menu!
    Noah can get himself out of high chair now, so we have to strap him in!! Stinker!!
    It's been soo hot here too this week – lots of indoor play or swimming!


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