Foodie Friday

Friday…again. Do not get me wrong I love weekends but these days I swear it is Tuesday and then Friday!

This week… Monday night we had our final walk through with our tenants – feels great to have that done, now hopefully everything is settled there for now. Tuesday after work we worked out – I feel so much better and sleep better with some movement in the evenings. Sitting on the couch just is not for me right now – I get all achy. Wednesday I baked these new to me “Aussie bites“. A co-worker told me about how she loves them and buys them at Costco. I am not one to buy premade items like this but thought “I can make them!”, found a recipe a voila. I bought one for my co-worker to try and she brought a Costco one for me. We both agreed the ones I made – 100x better, I actually do not know if I could eat the Costco ones, they were really sweet! Thursday I had book club which is always fun to get out for an hour or so, maybe at next meeting I can drink!

I cannot forget the highlight of the week, seeing Miss.C via ultrasound:


Those lips!! More on the appointment next week :

And lunch out after with Chad at Nandos – SO yummy!


Aussie bites:


Moving on to meal planning. So I had a discussion with my co-worker on iron (I have been extra tired some days) and since I do not eat red meat people assume iron is an issue for me – so wrong! Beans which we eat a ton of has a higher iron content than red meat. But saying that it did remind me to add more beans into our diets as well as other iron rich foods.

foodie friday

Saturday – Ordering supper to my house for my Grandma’s birthday…(do not get me started on this!)

Sunday – Wild Rice Salad (package) & Avocado Turkey Burgers (the love nerds) – doubling the burgers to freeze

Monday – Quick & Easy Creamy Tomato Pasta – Oh She Glows

Tuesday – Roasted Chickpea Greek Wraps

Wednesday – 12 Minute Chicken and Broccoli with Quinoa – gimme some oven

Thursday –¬†Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas – Budget Bytes¬†

Friday – Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese with Arugula and Roasted Red Peppers – Beachbody Blog

This weekend…Not doing a heck of a lot! I am savouring these quieter weekends after all the moving business and before MIss.C joins us. We are having my family over for my Grandma’s birthday Saturday afternoon, then I plan to hang some things in the livingroom and get moving on the nursery!



4 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Alison

    Yes enjoy these last few weekends for sure!! Your meals sound delish as always. I'm gonna have to try those Aussie cakes even though I've never had the Costco ones!!

  2. thebexfactor

    My coworker bought those Aussie bites too so I may have to try them. How was Nandos? I want to go back and have an actual meal. I really liked the samples from their VIP night.

    Have a good weekend! Hopefully see you at spin/yoga next week!


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