Foodie Friday

Woot woot it is Friday! At times this week went slow but at the same time I found myself thinking it could not already be Friday today! Our week:


We started our week with a visit to the Jungle Farm to make a pie for Chad for Father’s Day. I registered Avery for a small fee and it was awesome, she did great and since secrets are not her thing they enjoyed the pie that night.

20160613_110259 20160613_112413 20160613_185747 20160613_190209

We got out of the house in the afternoon to go to the park:



Our park visit was cut short when my doctor called to have me come in and go over test results. Womp womp. Good news? I am okay. Bad news? I am anemic. I was not shocked to be honest. Long story short, my hemoglobin cells are small (there are lots though) which signals the iron deficiency. The thought is that I had a moderate amount of blood loss from having Chloe and my body has not caught up and recovered yet. The doctor wanted to see what, if any, symptoms I was having. I said that yes I am tired but I have two kids under 3 at home! With some diet add-ins and vitamins hopefully I can bump my levels back up and get even more energy – bonus! I have another test in a few weeks to see where I am at then.

I was supposed to have a neighbourhood board meeting that night but my appointment ran late so I never made it but I am excited for some upcoming events we have coming!


Tuesday morning is a run day for us so we set out for 7km. I wore my new hat which Chad calls cameo – nope, I refuse to say it is cameo 😉 It fits great and that is what matters.


I set our stroller PR for 7km and finished in under 40 minutes!

Tuesday afternoon I got Avery all set up to clean her water table out – I mean play in it 😉


Seriously – how does one keep these things clean?!

She loved the bubbles and now we have a clean water table – win, win!

Miss Chloe in her new headbands from The Baby Niche:


Chad got home early so we could go to dance, she practically runs out the door as soon as she gets home – she loves it!

Supper was BBQ salmon patties, veggies and an asparagus salad. I have to say reducing carbs on certain days has made me feel a lot better and way less bloated!



The morning was filled with errands and a Starbucks stops – their new cold brew? YUM. Chloe was still napping when we got home so I set myself and Avery up on the deck to enjoy the sun and I started my new book club book – The Farm. I already know I will love this book.


I had plans to get Chloe napping in her crib more this week and thought it would be easy since she goes down so easily at night. Yeah I was wrong, she screamed as soon as I left her room, so I spent 40 minutes going back and forth before I gave up. I really should stick with it but Avery was napping too and I did not want her to wake up. You win Chloe.


She actually would yell, not cry when I left the room. She has an angry yell already…

To get out of the house we went to the downtown market to pick up some cookies, but not just any cookies, Confetti Sweets which are to die for. W enjoyed our cookies on the porch when we got home:

20160615_162956 20160615_163056

Since I was on the ball and had supper made early we got to enjoy a park trip and walk after supper – note to self: do this at least once a week!

Supper was thai chicken lettuce wraps with my favourite peanut sauce:


IMG_20160615_183918 20160615_185500 20160615_184850


Another run day! I love running with the girls twice a week (Sundays Chad does the pushing!) and soon once I start training it will only be once a week since a speed workout is not happening with them in tow 😉

Baby geese on our run!

20160616_092609 20160616_092551


Avery has taken a new liking to showering in the mornings (and still has baths a night too), which makes it easy for me to get ready as she “gets clean” as she says.


Miss. Chloe looking too cute in her harem romper from Archer and Antlers, we won it from Tawnya! Thanks again ladies!


We had a tea party lunch with iced green tea and cookies before having a real lunch, then amazingly I got Chloe napping in her crib!

Our afternoon was spent picking up our veggie box, getting juice from Glow and coming back home to get ready to go visit friends who just had a baby a week ago.

Onto meal planning!

foodie friday

Saturday – Bison tacos

Sunday – Pizza Subs, Chopped Salad and Rhubarb Crisp – Father’s Day meal 🙂

Monday – BLT Chopped Salad with feta and avocado – How Sweet It Is

Tuesday – Tuna Wraps and Kale Salad with cranberries and almonds – Jo-Lynne Shane

Wednesday – Greek Frittata (Kalyn’s Kitchen) and turkey bacon

Thursday – Thai Quinoa Salad – Crazy Vegan Kitchen

Friday – Salmon burgers and grilled veggies

This morning we are taking my Mom for surgery out of town, she should be discharged by lunch so then we will make our way back home. Tomorrow we have our first race of the year! So excited for it then are heading out of town to see some friends. And Sunday is Father’s Day so I will leave it up to Chad what he wants to do!


4 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Kelly

    So much fun – Makes me wish I’d gotten one of my maternity leaves during summer!

    The girls are so cute. 🙂 That black and white photo of Avery on the swing is a framer.

    I need a new running hate – Where is your from?

    1. arunningtale

      For sure, I am going back early since I am not as interested in staying home in winter lol.
      Awe thanks, it is, I need to do a new gallery wall – shhh don't tell Chad – so that pic will be on it!
      Sport Chek, so just a sport store, it is Under Armour.

  2. Ashley

    I very rarely get Em to nap in her bassinet, she prefers the mamaroo. We won't try the crib until we start transitioning her to her nursery. I'm not in a rush to move her upstairs! We are loving the baby niche shop as well!! Love the sales!! Hope you have a great weekend!! I love the homemade pie idea! Soo cute!!

  3. thebexfactor

    Sounds like you guys had a fun week! I do not think your hat is camo print at all, you're good.

    I want to hear more about your carb cycling. Actually one of these days I should just talk to Heather and get some help with my diet, haha.


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