Foodie Friday

That was one fast and busy week, here is what we got up to:


A morning walk and park trip I think – it was cut short because of all the mosquitoes! In the afternoon we went to the library, to the grocery store and for a donut since Avery was very well behaved and well lets face it a $0.60 donut is cheaper than the $20 dress she begged me for,

Both girls swinging! Chloe likes it the swing it seems, well she does not cry so I say she likes it:



I did 6km on the treadmill once the girls were in bed due to a storm rolling in.


I heard (thanks Becky!) a local bra store was having an awesome sale so after a morning workout we packed up and headed there. There was a ton in my size but I had a budget so only picked up a few things but for great prices.


The girls napped for almost THREE hours together, I tackled a huge to do list for the week and it felt great. After naps we went to my work for a visit then to The Running Room to pick up a spibelt for me.

Since today is Chloe’s 4 month birthday we took some photos, some outtakes:

IMG_8810 IMG_8818


My day started with a 8km run with the girls:


We came home, I showered and got ready and headed back out the door to go meet my Grandma for lunch (she lives about 30 minutes away), after lunch we headed to another town for their parade. I love small town parades! We met my friend and her boys there as well.



Chloe slept from the time we left the house, lunch, the drive and the parade. I actually checked her to see if she was breathing finally and she was SO hard to wake!

The plan was to feed Chloe in the car, then drive to pick up our veggies which is probably a 40 minute drive BUT Chloe after not pooping for three days had an explosion on me while feeding, so we cleaned that all up then again while driving  – which I could hear so we made a stop at home quickly and headed BACK out.

At the farm we got our veggies, attempted to pick 3lbs of peas but the mosquitoes were bad so we settled at just over 2lbs then headed home.

You better know I had a drink last night 😉

Today we are heading to the beach with some friends then I have a blinds consult – Chad did not want blinds in the bonus room but changed his mind (yes, I said we should have got them when we did the house) and then I want to lie low and get ready for a busy weekend. We both are running the Mud Hero race, me the 5km one Saturday and Chad the 10km one Sunday so we will be there a lot this weekend!

Okay meal planning:

foodie friday

Saturday – Sweet Potato Tacos with Lime Crema – Budget Bytes

Sunday – Roasted Chickpea Nachos

Monday – Slowcooker Taco Chicken Bowls (but as a salad) – Budget Bytes

Tuesday – BLT wraps & sweet potato fries

Wednesday – Salmon burgers & Summer Kale Salad – The Balanced Berry

Thursday – Shrimp in Thai Coconut Sauce – Foodie Crush

Friday – Lime Shrimp Dragon Noodles (Chad’s pick) – Budget Bytes


3 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. thebexfactor

    Oh man. Poop explosions are one thing I do not miss.

    Hopefully we see you at some point this weekend!

  2. Ashley

    Ok so, Em is starting to slow down on the pooping too, but makes up for it when she does haha. I will have to try her in the swing, that looks fun!!
    Noah loves parades too, even if he sees them on TV, he will sit watch and wave!! Haha

    1. arunningtale

      Yeah apparently after three months it happens, I did not remember from A but the Dr told me lol.
      Awe, Avery loves them unless there are mascots – which she hates!


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