Foodie Friday

This week has been so darn COLD. I mean freezing! We got spoiled with a beautiful November and winter last year was so mild we had to know it was coming but it also makes it that much harder!


I had a staff Christmas photo in the morning, we took it at the mall in Santa’s area so of course Avery wanted a photo on his chair:


After we stopped at Starbucks, our treat for getting ready and out to door by 8:30am in -30 temps!


This little one LOVES her jumper these days:


It has also made her want to stand all the time. Sigh. I am not even sure what we did all afternoon…



After a rough night for both girls – Chloe came down with a bad cough and Avery was just off I debated skipping yoga but Avery wanted to go, until we got there. Luckily, the teacher is awesome and all turned out ok. I enjoyed a latte while Avery was in class.


Avery continued to have an off day which happens, even dressing up as a princess did not make life better 😉


Chloe giving me the stink face after not getting food for 0.2 seconds 😉


We decided to meet my Mom for coffee after naps to get out for a bit. Chloe hates the cold, Avery does not mind it!



I had a run on the agenda but Chloe would not nap so I was running 5 minutes at a time and then going up to settle her, after 20 minutes of that I brought her down with me. Thankfully she was good to play for the last 20 minutes:


We had a couple appointments – one to sign up the girls for dayhome and Chloe had a doctor appointment. In 5 weeks she gained 2lbs!!

How Avery insists on wearing a toque, but it is better than her not wearing one!


We did sensory play during Chloe’s nap:


I finally feel like Avery is at a good age for this! Oh and she helped me wrap gifts then later told Chad “Your present is a secret, want to see your shirt?” – thanks kid 😉


My Mom joined us for a morning of swimming, then we had a small lunch at Starbucks:


She is in the “take my photo stage”.

Both girls passed out on the drive home so I started lunch and baking:

screenshot_20161208-165112 screenshot_20161208-165024

I made cookies for Chad’s treat day today 😉 I definitely do not need more sweets in my house these days!

Later we went shopping for a holiday dress for Avery for a couple special occasions she has coming up, the contenders:


Yeah she picked the pink …of course.

I had book club that night but decided to stay home since I was beyond tired and have parties the next two nights – made me sad not to go though!

Onto meal planning. I have no desire to cook these days, I really hope this passes soon!


Saturday – Chad’s Christmas Party

Sunday – OUT

Monday – Black bean & cilantro burgers – Be Whole Be You

Tuesday – Creamy Mushroom Tomato Pasta – Oh She Glows

Wednesday – Chicken Avocado Burritos – Gimme Delicious Food

Thursday – Grilled Cheese & soup – Chad is cooking so his choice 😉

Friday – Salmon stir-fry with noodles

This weekend is filled with Christmas parties, princess camp and just the regular old things!


7 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Kelly

    That Play-Doh rolling pin looks fun – Swede would love it, We are very into Play-Doh lately.
    I think the pink dress for Avery is the cutest too, Good choice Kid!
    Telling Chad about his present reminds me of Swede playing hide-and-seek – She hides then once I count to 10 she calls out, I'm hiding in the closet! (or wherever). They don't quite get keeping secrets yet! Which honestly isn't the worst thing Huh?

    1. arunningtale

      Avery loves it for 10 minutes then just gets bored, I wish she would play with it longer!
      So funny! I tried to tell Avery about secrets but then stopped half way through since I was not sure how to explain secrets you tell us versus don't!


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