Foodie Friday

Between it being the first week back after holidays and a darn cold week this week went by so slow. Seriously though – enough snow and winter!

Chloe has been fighting something or teething or…who knows what for two weeks. Yesterday she got worse with a fever so I picked up the girls early and we hung out at home for the afternoon. Other than that we had a quiet week, Chloe had a doctors appointment and is doing great, she also learned how to open all cupboards and drawers and loves to pull out everything!

Chloe getting into trouble, basically on repeat:

Avery has been picking out her own clothes when I say I am buying things online and I am for the most part buying what she shows me, and I have to say sometimes I am not sure but then she puts them on and they suit her! Like this shirt:

Yesterday we made Mini Egg cookies, I had some I wanted gone so we used them in cookies:

Slate Plate

Chloe is obsessed with her walker:

And me? I got to a spin and yoga class this week! I am taking advantage of the next few months with no big race until August to do more more classes.

Onto meal planning for next week:

Saturday – Greek Bison Burgers (Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook) & smoothies

Sunday – My Grandma’s Birthday Party

Monday – Chicken, Broccoli, Bell Pepper Stir-fry – Julia’s Album

Tuesday – Chicken Burrito Bowls – Dinner at the Zoo

Wednesday – Turkey Sausage & Recovery Quinoa Salad (Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook)

Thursday – Fartlek Chili – (Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook)

Friday – Leftovers

This weekend we are hosting my Grandma’s (80th) birthday and that is about all we have planned!



9 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Karen

    Hey! Let me know what classes you are doing! I went to pilates Monday and a rock climbing class on Wednesday. I love the variety and my City membership is so affordable, I don't feel guilty trying out other places, too!

    Evan has started picking his own clothes and getting himself completely dressed, including his socks (it was a challenge for a while, they were always upside down, lol). It makes me a little nuts sometimes, the colour schemes he comes up with…but it's good for my OCD nature to let him where blue & red socks, light blue pants and a neon green shirt with a burgandy bowtie. Lol!

    1. arunningtale

      I go to My Revolution once a week – usually Mon, or Wed t 7:30pm 🙂 I just pick a night randomly. I go to yoga at lunch since it is is so close to work! I want to try a couple other new classes – Pound at Studio Pilates for sure!

      That sounds adorable!! Avery thinks that clothing items have to be the same colour, just different shades to match 😉

  2. thebexfactor

    I love that Avery chooses her own clothes to buy. Liam isn't interested yet he's very particular about what he wants to wear.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Sully has just started to pick out his own clothes in the morning. Mostly he just wants to pick out the shirt. If we're going out somewhere "special" I can usually persuade him to wear what I want him to wear. Funny fact: if I tell him an article of clothing is from my dad, he will happily wear it! Haha.

    1. arunningtale

      I can rarely persuade Avery these days, luckily she isn't too bad when it comes to picking clothes. Except she thinks matching means same colours, so all pink, head to toe lol.
      Of course! I do that too, but say my mom bought it 😉 Mom hack lol.

  4. Alison

    I let D choose too, too many times I bring something home and she's like no way! ha Those mini egg cookies look and sound amazing!

  5. Ashley

    Aww love that she has her own style already!! Such a cutie!! Noah doesn't care what he wears for the most part, but he will put up a stink sometimes and he's not a fan of the idea of new shoes… I'm beginning to wonder if Em is teething on top of her cold/pink eye.
    Clearly I am getting caught up on reading blogs haha hence the mass commenting


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