Foodie Friday

Our week was full of sun – again! I have tried to take advantage of the nice weather spending all the time I can outside.

Week highlights:

  • Playing outside in the sun:

  • Evening runs, Avery now wants to come with me all the time, on the bright side, she is a pretty good photographer:

  • Chloe is walking almost all the time!

  • I broke out my all-time favourite dress. I paid $5 for this 5 years ago at a garage sale (it was brand new!), and have worn it through both my pregnancies too:

Onto meal planning. I have to admit here that I am struggling with suppers these days, with the nice weather I want BBQ and salads but that is not always stuff the girls will eat. At the same time I refuse to make them different meals than what we eat.

Saturday – Chicken Fajitas

Sunday – Mother’s Day picnic – as long as the weather cooperates!

Monday – Balsamic Penne Pasta with Tomatoes and Asparagus –diethood

Tuesday – Curry Rice Bowls

Wednesday – Greek Chicken Kabobs & pita bread – Cooking Classy

Thursday – Thai Chicken Naan Pizza – Cookin’ Canuck

Friday – Smokies & Whole Foods Copycat Quinoa Salad – Damn Delicious

Our weekend is pretty full, a Mothers Day walk/run, a Coscto trip, garden work and hopefully a picnic for Mothers Day 🙂 Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

7 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Kelly

    That dress is so cute and you can't beat $5!
    I have been struggling with meal planning lately too – Just not feeling motivated to think up or find any new ideas so we've been eating the same old boring but easy meals for a couple weeks now.

  2. Ashley

    That dress is soo cute!! Oh how I love the drunken stagger that toddlers do!! Em is also starting to walk more and more!!! Jealous that you have shorts weather!! It's been chilly here!!

  3. Alison

    I love that dress! What a deal! I love the starting to walk stage, it's the best!! SO cute. I need to look for that sunscreen!


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