Foodie Friday

This week has been an off one, on Tuesday I thought it was Thursday, Wednesday morning I thought it was the weekend and well yesterday was my Friday so I panicked at lunch thinking I did not do this post!

I was out of town one day for work so got home early and we did a park trip. My girls would stay at the park all day if we could!

With the great weather continuing I ran a couple nights:

Outtake – I never get a good running photo on attempt #1!

Avery pretending to fly – to be three!

And this one, she does not stop unless she is eating or sleeping. EXCEPT I found her sitting in Avery’s room (the best!) looking at books which lasted almost a full minute!

Last night we checked out the new Goodlife Fitness gym that opened by us, I was there on work duties since we had a presentation congratulating them. They had an amazing turnout and it was a ton of fun Рthey know how to throw a grand opening!

Oh and these two beforehand, such hams ūüėČ

Today we are off work and going on a little adventure – just hoping for no rain! Other weekend plans are a birthday party and meeting our baby nephew since it is supposed to be rainy we kept it to indoor plans.

Onto meal planning…

Saturday – Smokies & Greek Kale Quinoa Salad – Chef Savy

Sunday –¬†Turkey burgers & strawberry, avocado & spinach salad

Monday¬†– “Gourmet” Mac & Cheese

Tuesday –¬†Cod & Chicken Pasta Salad – Pulse

Wednesday РQuinoa Veggie Fried Rice РDamn Delicious 

Thursday –¬†Chicken Burrito Bowl – ¬†Damn Delicious¬†with Cilantro Lime Chicken – The Lean Green Bean

Friday РTuna Melt quesadillas РGarlic & Zest

Enjoy your weekends!


7 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. thebexfactor

    I wish I could have gone to the Goodlife opening!

    Does Avery eat all the same meals you make? If so, I'm super impressed.

    1. arunningtale

      It was so busy! It's an amazing facility too, I knew it would be but still.
      She eats 90% of what we do, Chloe too. There's three the odd thing she whines about or won't eat but usually if she get her to try one bite she'll eat it.

  2. Kelly

    LOL, That photo of the girls on the porch is priceless!
    What's in your gourmet mac & cheese? I am having such a hard time meal planning lately. None of the new recipes I'm seeing sounds very good. Or maybe it's just that I'm more inclined to cook in winter and keep it simple in summer…

  3. Ashley

    Love the pic of Chloe reading!! Em will actually sit and play with toys and loves to read, but not Noah, well he will sit and read, but not sit still!!


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