Foodie Friday

Hey All!

So when I did my post on Avery at 3.5 years I am pretty sure I jinxed the no tantrums – she has had two major ones this week. Oy. But I am pretty sure she is growing since she also woke up with growing pains in her legs this week. So yeah it has been a week 😉

Chloe has had an eventful week, fell off Avery’s bed before work that morning and that day while my in-laws were babysitting she attempted to crawl out of her crib after her nap and fell. She is a tough cookie though and was not hurt.

What else this week? I ran Wednesday and it was perfect after a couple days of rain. Sorry no photo!

We got a surprise in the mail Monday! Thanks to Clif for the goodies, their nut butter filled bars are to die for – if you have not had one yet, run to the grocery store now!

Last night Chad went for a run for I put Chloe in the BOB and Avery ran with me to “train” for some upcoming races she is doing, 1.83km in just over 16 minutes!

On our walk after she found this field and would not leave!

Semi twinning!

Onto meal planning..

Saturday –Bison burgers & The Best Summer Berry Kale Salad – Balanced Berry 

Sunday – Friend’s BBQ

Monday – Picnic (Avery and I are going to go to yoga in the park!)

Tuesday – Avocado Veggie Quesadillas – Gimme Delicious

Wednesday – Chopped Greek Kale Salad – Gimme Some Oven and Confetti Squares for our Summer Solstice Neighbourhood BBQ

Thursday – Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls – Iowa Girl Eats

Friday – Greek Turkey Tacos

We have a semi crazy weekend ahead, a race, father’s day get together, a birthday party and a games night!



7 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. thebexfactor

    Aw man, that sucks Avery's been having a rough week. Chloe too.

    I love that Avery ran with you. I need to get Liam out for more runs. I really want him to do a race this year but so far all of the races have been during his jujitsu class.

    I'll see you guys tomorrow! And probably Monday too!

  2. Nicole

    It's the curse of parenting- just when you think it's going well, they change on you 😉 Growing pains are tough!

    Oh Chloe, you need a helmet, girl!!

  3. Alison

    I have kinda of accepted the fact that tantrums are forever. 🙂 ha ha I hope they get better soon for you. And me. 😉 So much sass. I love that photo of Avery and the dandelions! SO excited to hangout soon!


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