Foodie Friday

So I did not mean to go MIA this week but I have this problem where when I do my monthly blog post planning I always forget the last week of the month. That or I run out of ideas and hope something comes up πŸ˜‰ But saying that this summer I am planning to post less, 2-3 times a week is the goal πŸ™‚

Backing up to Sunday night. Avery went to bed at 7:15pm which is earlier than usual but after a long day at the beach I figured she was tired. An hour later she woke up to pee and was on fire. I took her temp and sure enough 102.5. I got some Advil in her and she hung out with us until she was under 100.

Monday we decided to have a sick day at home since she still had the fever. She was fine otherwise, just pretty tired. She did request for me to set-up the pool so I did and we played outside for awhile but it was pretty darn hot!

Of course after the both crashed on the couch:

By grabbing a smoothie and Subway for supper she finally ate and her fever was gone and she was back to herself:

Tuesday morning everyone got up healthy, ate breakfast and then Avery threw up her breakfast. So another sick day it was but with Chad this time. Lucky him though she was 110% okay all day, so they went to the park all morning, had naps and then walked for slurpees – only a tad jealous πŸ˜‰

I brought home Chefs Plate (referral link!) for supper and we had the tacos.

Oh and this one? A stage 5 clinger these days. I do everything one handed I swear. I remember a year ago doing the same thing and thinking “next summer this will be SO much better” – HA.

Besides that we had a quiet week. I got to workout twice at lunch hours – spin & yoga but skipped a run due to bad weather (and closed trails around my house) and worked out at home instead. And last night we had a staff BBQ at a co-worker’s acreage.

Onto meal planning!

Saturday –Β Canada Day party potluck

Sunday –Β BBQ at my brother’s girlfriend’s Aunt’s house

Monday –Β Veggie Fajita Rice Bowls – Whitney Bond

Tuesday – Smokies &Β Greek Kale Salad –Gimme Delicious Food

Wednesday – Tuna & chickpea wraps and sweet potato fries

Thursday – Greek Turkey Rice Skillet – Budget Bytes

Friday –Β OUT

I cannot believe this weekend it is July! That also means a long weekend for us πŸ™‚ We have plans to go to a Canada Day party with Chad’s family, fireworks that night, our long run, maybe a bike ride & picnic or a pool afternoon – we will see!


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  1. Kelly

    I feel like I'm still doing so much one handed as Abel loves to be held, except when he doesn't, which is usually when he SHOULD be held!


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