Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! I am pretty happy to see Friday, it was a long week and well the whole no sugar thing – which I will chat more about next week. But I can say the mental aspect to it is harder than anything and I really did not crave anything!

Highlights from our week included Chloe’s first dance class, which is the same Mommy & Me class Avery and I took just a few weeks after I had Chloe.

It went as good as it can (I think), she listened mostly and said she had fun.

I found some photos from the Mother’s Day fun run we did and could not stop laughing when I saw the photos:

Yes, that is Chloe on top of Avery – sigh – I had no idea!

Moving on to some meal planning talk. So I liked the meal plan from Heather at Calluna Nutrition so much I decided to stick with it for the next month. Not the no sugar part but a much more balanced meal plan than I have stuck to lately and something that makes me feel more accountable. Plus I need fresh supper ideas! I found all the suppers on the plan last week were simple, easy and delicious which was another factor in doing her month meal plan service.

Saturday – Green turkey burgers & kale salad – Foodie Crush

Sunday – Honey Lime Salmon & Mango Black Bean Quinoa Salad – Together as a Family

Monday – Mexican Chicken Bowl – Calluna Nutrition meal plan

Tuesday – Chicken & Broccoli Slaw with peanut sauce –┬áCalluna Nutrition meal plan

Wednesday – Halibut with Pesto & Roasted Broccoli –┬áCalluna Nutrition meal plan

Thursday – Mediterranean Tuna Pasta Salad –┬áCalluna Nutrition meal plan

Friday – BBQ ribs & smashed potatoes

We have a busy weekend ahead with visit with friends and family, a neighbourhood clean-up and BBQ and a 19km run!


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