Foodie Friday

Happy Friday! Earlier this week I said that I have no idea how we all have got away without being sick in a year and guess what? I think I am coming down with a cold – I should have known better!

Avery told us this week she no longer wants to eat meat. Which is interesting and fine but also requires some more creativity! And she is a kid so who knows if it will last 😉

Saturday – One Pot Creamy Garlic Pasta – Yup, its Vegan

Sunday – Grey Cup appetizers

Monday – Sweet and Sour Chickpeas, Peppers and Broccoli – Vegan Richa 

Tuesday – Pizza night

Wednesday -Peanut Tofu Buddah Bowl – Delish Knowledge 

Thursday – Shrimp Fried Rice – Averie Cooks

Friday – Greek Turkey Tacos

Weekend plans include swimming lessons, Sportball, going to the Festival of Trees and a Grey Cup party!


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