Foodie Friday & Holidays Recap

So I am cheating and sharing two posts in one this week to play catch up 🙂 I was on holidays this week so in addition to finishing the backyard we also took a couple days to go camping at a nearby lake – first time camping a a family – in a tent!

First up yard photos! Chad did 90% of the work since between potty trips, snacks and other things I was limited help! We just have some large decorative rocks to buy – or maybe find and but the yard is 95% done!

It is 80% perennials which is new to us! Then we added a third tree and some bushes. We did not do the landscape plan since we have no idea on these things. We are so happy with it all turned out!

Since I had the week off and we hoped the yard would be mostly done we decided to book a one night camping trip – Avery has been asking for a very long time! I booked one night at a lake that is only 20 minutes away. Overall it went good – I am not a camping fan but being at a lake I could not complain plus the girls loved it! Wednesday on the way out we stopped for a game of mini golf since we had an hour to kill before check-in.

Once at the camp site, we set-up, made supper, then went for ice cream, to the park and a walk at the lake. Chad and I had hopes of staying up enjoying the fire but Chloe decided not to sleep and we were all tired so all ended up in bed by 10!


Spot Chloe? She was supposed to be sleeping!

Wednesday morning Chloe was up at her normal 6am (yawn) so we had an early start! After a slow morning around the campsite we packed up to spend the day at the beach!

It started out cloudy and windy but turned out to be a hot day!

Now switching to meal planning! I sort of took this week off from any type of healthy eating to ready to jump back into things with better eating habits.

Saturday – OUT

Sunday – Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl – Delish Knowledge

Monday – Toasted Veggie Sandwiches (Calluna Nutrition) & kale salad

Tuesday – Chili Lime Chicken drumsticks (Calluna Nutrition) with grilled veggies

Wednesday – Fish Tacos with mango salsa – Lemon Tree Dwelling 

Thursday – Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken with rice – Joy Food Sunshine

Friday – BBQ Salmon & The Best Summer Berry Kale Salad – Balanced Berry

Weekend plans include a bike ride, the Farmers Market and I am running a half marathon Sunday!


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