Fun in the Sun (and Rain)

Hello from sunny Arizona! We made it here safe and sound & Miss. Avery was a fantastic little travel buddy. Good thing since she has a couple more flights coming up this year Smile

Our trip started at 1:30am Thursday when my alarm went off to get up, ready and feed Avery before hitting the road to the airport. Avery was no too happy with her 2am wake up, but was happy to get some food before our drive. She slept the entire drive, woke for a bit at the airport, fell back asleep through customs and security, then woke up after:

Such a big girl:


The flight went as good as it could, we had maybe 2 minutes of crying, she fed for part of take off and decent. The only complaint was my arm got sore from her sleeping on it!

Chad’s Dad and Step-Mom picked us up from the airport, which was nice so that we did not need to worry about shuttling to the airport rental car place etc.

Some pics from day 1:



We went on a walk in the later afternoon and have been every day since, it is a great way to get in her late afternoon nap.


I have NO idea how I did it but I stayed up till 9pm…with no nap nothing, maybe it was this delicious stuff from Trader Joe’s Carly told me to try:


Friday morning I did a 5km run, the best run ever actually. After not running for a long time in beautiful weather runs here have been a HUGE treat. No longer does 10 minutes feel like an eternity! I cannot wait to run outside at home even more now. The treadmill has already gotten to me…

We picked up out rental car mid morning and ran a few errands, it was a fairly low key day, with weather in the high 20’s we played outside, had some pool time, and went for another walk.




First time on grass!


Like on any holiday I am falling asleep by 8pm but forced myself to stay up till 10am – yawn.

Oh and Avery has done awesome with sleeping on holidays – bed by 8pm, and sleeps till around 6am, then usually goes back to bed till 7:30am.

Yesterday we knew rain was in the forecast so deemed it a shopping day. We started the day with bagels from Einsteins (my favorite), then headed to DSW, Nordstrom Rack, after that it was lunch time for us and Miss Avery so I fed her in the car before we went to Margaritaville for lunch (Chad’s request).

Our lunch view:


Me and Avery:


And lunch…


They were not that good. They had icky fake cheese on them! But the drinks made up for the nachos.

After lunch we headed to an outlet mall, I had some luck with a couple pairs of J Crew shorts and some Nike running shorts but the rest of our money was spent on a certain little human Winking smile I was pleasantly surprised with Osh Kosh, usually I am not a fan of children’s clothing stores and find them “too baby” if that makes sense but Osh Kosh stole my heart and money.

Before we new it, it was time to head home to feed Avery and have some supper. Our evening was low key again and I was asleep by 8:30pm Winking smile 

Today we were all supposed to go to the NASCAR race but I had a change of heart with Avery and all, just with all the factors I decided I should stay home with her instead, I was looking forward to it but my ticket went to Chad’s Uncle so no money wasted.

I got in a 7km run this morning and made pancakes for everyone before they left. The rest of the day since we are on our own today we will probably go for a walk (or two) and run to Trader Joe’s and Target.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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