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Every year I try and have one post that is dedicated to random facts about myself so that readers cane get to know me a bit better. Usually these are pretty random and sometimes funny 🙂 So here we go:

1- I hate flying (Chad does too). But you would never guess it since we usually fly a couple times a year. For me the whole process causes me anxiety and I am a nervous nelly the entire flight. Any turbulence and I break out the yoga breathing instantly.

2 – I never drank coffee of any kind until a trip to Costa Rica in 2010 and I got hooked. Now I can’t imagine life without my daily cup(s) of joe!


3 – Family channel was my favourite channel until a few years ago. Anyone else? Lizzie McGuire, The Suite Life, Hannah Montana, Wizard of Waverly Place. Now you all know how cool I really am 😉

4- I have curly hair but even close friends and family have maybe seen it curly a couple times in the past 15 years as I always straighten it.

From 2010 (I think):

curly hair

5 – I used to think that running was a punishment. Blame my high school gym teacher that made us run extra laps when we did not participate or slacked off.

Now I cannot imagine a week without running!


6 – I am not a fan of crowds and have to work hard to not panic in them. My job has helped me a ton with this as I go to a fair amount of large events and networking functions.

7- Chad and I met on my 18th birthday…in a bar…

8 – I started my post secondary education in education then realized I could not be with kids (that are not my own) 40 hours a week.

9 –  My most hated foods are mayo and olives.

10 – I love musicals of any kind. I think this stems from my jealousy of anyone that can sing and or dance since I cannot do either! Probably my all-time favourite:


11- I sleep through anything, crying babies included. Poor Chad always had to wake me up when the girls would wake in the night.

12 – I eat chocolate every single day!

13 – I have no aunts, uncles or (first) cousins.

14 – I always have my toenails painted but never paint my fingernails.

15 – I do not have a favourite colour.


Tell me one random fact about yourself!

12 thoughts on “Getting to know me

  1. Jen

    I love these type of posts.
    I have the same type of curly hair as you. It's wavy, not really curly which equates to annoying straightening and hair that goes huge in humidity. It's a real PITA.
    No Aunts, Uncles or Cousins! That's crazy to me. I grew up in a big family so I'm just so used to being surrounded by tons of family.

    1. arunningtale

      haha yup sounds like my hair! Chad's step-mom has a big family and most holidays we spend with them so it was weird for years for me to be around so many people since I was used to my Mom, Grandma and two brothers!

  2. thebexfactor

    That's crazy that you have no aunts, uncles or cousins! That's Liam, since I'm an only child. I also do not paint my fingernails.

    I had no idea you had naturally curly hair!!

  3. Kelly

    I love the random fact posts – Both reading and writing them, although it's been a while since I've done one, Maybe it's time!
    I do not like flying either but go up to Denver about 6x/year on a small regional plane, It's so awful when there is turbulence.
    My most hated food is red onions. I love olives!
    I think I started drinking coffee around 2010 too. I made it all the way through college (while working in a coffeeshop no less!) but my first tax season did me in.

  4. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    I love these kinds of posts! At first I was like "no aunts or uncles or cousins?!" – seems so weird, but then I guess that would be a lot of only kids who's parents are also only children. I love flying but Jim hates it. I think it's because he knows too much about how a plane works and what could go wrong (he worked in aerospace engineering for years). He refuses to sleep on a plane, says he likes to watch out the window and wants to make sure he's awake to notice anything going wrong hahaha. Like what are you going to do, I always ask him?!

    I can sleep through a lot too – crying babies included!

    1. arunningtale

      I feel like if I stay awake for the same reason! haha. Not that I could do anything about it 😉 My brother is in school for aircraft engineer so I tell him not to tell me things haha

  5. Amber

    Oh I loveeeee olives! ha ha ha. Those were super fun to read! I have started to have MORE anxiety about flying as I get older. Just anxiety about missing flights really, or losing luggage, I am not scared of flying at all. Eric always used to be really scared of flying but then he suddenly got over it about a year ago!

  6. Alison

    I have no cousins too. Just 1 Uncle and 1 Aunt. I think you should totally rock that curly hair more often! I hate Olives and mustard. 🙂

  7. Ashley

    That's crazy you have no aunts and uncles, I feel like we have soo many!! I could share haha. I hate mayo too, in fact if I know a dip was made with one or a recipe, I won't eat it!!!


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