GRATiAE–Organic Skin Care

I have been very lucky recently, and have had the chance to review some really awesome products. Recently I was sent a couple products from GRATiAE, a organic skin care company that recently opened a store in Calgary’s downtown (CORE shopping centre for you locals!).

I always want to try the products I am sent a few times at the minimum before I review them so that I am giving full ad honest reviews for both my readers and the company. But saying that it sometimes then takes me a bit to get to the reviews when I have different products to try out.

Being that we are in the cold winter months here I love all the body care products since I have horribly dry skin!

The two GRATiAE products I was sent was the Lime and Passion Fruit Body Butter and the Lime and Passion Fruit Exfoliating Body Scrub.


I opened the body butter first and instantly loved the scent. It was girly for sure, but in a refreshing way, nothing too powerful. The body butter was non greasy – another huge bonus and went smoothly. After a few days of using it my hands were in much better condition for sure and when I did not use it for a few days I noticed them starting to get dry again.

The Exfoliating Scrub is beyond amazing. My best recommendation would be to use it on your feet to combat dry winter feet. It worked wonders on making my feet super soft! The only thing I found kind of tricky was since it is a exfoliator it was not as easy to apply as a lotion and I found that I wasted a lot when trying to apply it and scrub since it falls off easily.

Both products are a great defense to combat dry winter skin for sure! Something which I know most of us suffer from this time of the year. Make sure to check out a GRATiAE near you!


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