Half Marathon Training Plan 2014

To be honest I have no clue if this plan is going to work out for me, after all I have never trained with a baby! I took that lifestyle change into consideration when I was looking at past training plans I did and made some changes there. I also did NOT want to run 5 days a week and am not really able to incorporate cross training in to the extent I did when I had a gym membership.  I also wanted to keep yoga in my plan one day a week as well as some strength workouts (free weights or workout DVDs). I called one column “weekend’” since I am not sure what day will work the best right now but will do long runs Saturday or Sunday weekly.

So with all that in mind here is what I came up with for my 10 week half marathon training plan on June 1st in Calgary.

  Weekend Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Week 1 Long run – 8km Speed run – 4km (S1) 3×2 Yoga Easy run – 6km & Strength Strength REST
Week 2 Long – 10km Speed – 5km (S1) 3X2 Yoga Easy – 7km Steady – 6km & Strength REST
Week 3 Long – 12km REST Yoga Easy – 10km Strength Speed – 6km (S1) 3×1
Week 4 Long – 14km Speed – 6km (S2) 3X1 & Strength Yoga Easy – 10km REST Steady  – 8km
Week 5 Long – 14km Speed – 8km (S2) 4×1 Yoga Easy – 10km REST Hills-  4km & Strength
Week 6 Long – 16km Speed – 6km (S3) 4×2 Yoga REST Easy – 10km Steady – 8km
Week 7 Long – 18km REST Strength REST Easy – 12km Speed – 6km (S2) 5×1
Week 8 Long – 16km Speed – 8km (S3) 5×2 REST Easy 12km Strength Steady – 10km
Week 9 Long – 20km REST Speed – 6km (S2) 5×1 Strength/Yoga REST Easy – 14km
Week 10 Long – 18km REST/Yoga Speed – 6km (S3) 6×2 Easy – 12km REST Hills – 6km & Strength
Week 11 – Taper Week Long – 12km REST Yoga Easy – 7km REST Easy – 6km


Long run goal pace is 5:30 mins/km

Speed runs – Believe it or not but I have never really done planned speed runs with a certain pace, I would just do a shorter fast run and leave it at that and it worked. This time I do want to work on sticking to more of a plan since I need to work on my speed. Goal pace for speed runs is between 4:15 (S3) 4:30 (S2) 4:45 (S1) mins/km – I will work up to the 4:15, then run the intervals above (example 3×2 is 3 mins at the speed pace followed by a 2 min recovery).

Easy runs will be ran around a 5:30-5:45 mins/km pace.

Steady runs will be ran around 5:00-5:15 mins/km pace.

Hills… yeah another thing I have never trained for! I always figured if I ran outside I would do enough hills for most races. I also had a long run group I ran with and we did do some hills there. This time around I will do a few hills runs but not overly focused on it.

These are all estimates and goal paces, if I cannot get to these paces I will not worry about it, and change as needed.

Since I cannot really plan exactly what days I will do each workout I have not specified days above. As I get into training I might get into a good groove but for now I will play it by ear. Sometimes day 1 might not followed by day 2 etc…

I am NO expert on training plans, but used my past experiences of what works for me plus balancing being a new Mom, then consulted a few plans I found online to create this plan. I will track what I actually do as well and update as necessary in my weekly workout posts.

And with that – wish me luck!


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