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I cannot believe that in September I am running my 10th half marathon! I have been running for 6.5 years but like to keep races spread out to prevent burnt out and injury – and well there was two pregnancies and c-sections in there! But I am so ready to run another half and feel great about my running in the past month.

I have made myself a 8 week training plan since I wanted to finish Hard Corps before starting this training plan. This plan is only three days a week of running which for me is my magic number, any more and it has had a negative effect. I have incorporated strength days which will consist of Beachbody programs (Les Mill Pump, 21 Day Fix, Hard Corps) or yoga/other fitness classes as well as core workouts since maintaining a strong core is really important when it comes to running.

My long runs are done slow – these are strictly runs for distance not time, my easy runs are at a talkable pace so will vary as my training goes on but typically for me this 5:30-5:45mins/km. Speed runs are my fast runs and my favourite! For these it will vary between 5:00-5:15mins/km pace. Most of my routes have hills so I have not put a ton of hills into my training plan as of now.

My 8 week plan:

Half Plan 9 weeks Canmore

The nice things about this plan is that it is doable with the girls! I can do easy runs with them in the stroller, long runs we will do as a family until the longer distances then I will go out solo after our family run, strength days are done at home and I plan to sneak away after they are in bed for speed runs and hopefully also avoid the summer heat that way.

Now my next decision is to train for a half marathon PR (1:45) OR train for another full marathon for Phoenix in February!


12 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training

  1. Kelly

    This is a great plan. I've found that running 3x/week works best for me too. But I really want to add some strength & core this summer on the off days.
    My goal is right now is to be back under 2 hrs by my half in late August, and then I'm hoping to PR <1:50 next Jan. We'll see….

  2. Alison

    Good for you!! Excited for you too. And impressed. I love that beachbody programs are your strength!! 😉


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