honeymoon recap part 2

the first two days on the ship were sea days, we really enjoyed getting to know the ship and took full advantage of the jam packed schedule on the ship with all the activities.
I did not think I would be sick on the ship from the movement…boy was I wrong, on sunday the only way I felt decent was to lay on a lounge chair on the top deck, probably why I ended up with a wicked sunburn!
here we are relaxing and suntanning.

back view of the ship, lots and lots of people.

chad being a big kid!

check out these awesome tan lines! 
every evening our housekeeper made us a new towel animal, we loved them so much we bought the $9 DVD to show us how to make them on our own…yes we are that cool.
introducing towel animal #1, mr.bulldog
so traveling on our own we have to great creative sometimes to get photos together, this was before the awesome cirque de soleil dinner theatre we went to, unfortunately we were not allowed photos inside.
here is the outside of the theatre. the dinner was $30 per person, and I would say 100% worth it, we had a 3 course meal and the performances were all around us on the floor. we have been to cirque before in las vegas but this was definitely more “up close and personal”. haha
here are some other random photos of the ship, that we took one day while everyone else was out on the deck, in case anyone is thinking “where are all the people”. quick fast this ship had 4200 passengers and 1600 crew!
this is the epic theatre where we saw the blue man group on sunday night – we had never seen them before and loved them, can’t get any better free entertainment! we also saw legends in concert (impersonators – rod stewart, brittany spear and michael jackson) and a comedian – jeff hobson in the here both exceeded our expectations.
 fat cat jazz and blues club, love the decor
bliss nightclub – we are too old enjoy this area, haha. kidding we stayed up till midnight a few nights to check out the club scene, lame I know.
now here is something I know everyone can’t wait to see…the ship’s GYM! it was a great gym, best of all, check out the treadmills lined along the windows that looked out to the ocean. my goals while on the trip were simple, get in 4 workouts on non-port days (and the one late port day) and never take the elevator – that may be more for my extreme fear for elevators but we will get into that another time.
now running on a treadmill on a ship was tricky and yes, there was a incline and decline without changing anything on the treadmill’s setting.
I didn’t take many food photos but thought I would include breakfast one day. below is my oatmeal with peanut butter, pecans and raisins. chad’s is the bacon, sausage, eggs and waffles with caramelized bananas.
I was really impressed and happy with the main buffet area on the ship “garden cafe”, it had a lot of options (healthy too) and was fully stocked all day.

other breakfasts for me during the week included peanut butter toast, fruit, yogurt with granola, chocolate milk and one day I enjoyed a cinnamon bun. though breakfast is my favorite meal of the day I think I enjoyed the lunch buffet the most. great salad bar – think spinach, artichokes, chickpeas, kidney beans, every vegetable imaginable and the make your own sandwich with every type of bread/bun, cheese, meats and more veggies!
like I said before we made sure to take in everything we could, even when it may not have been age appropriate, exhibit a, nickelodeon slime time live, and yes a family from on the ship got slimed!
I think this could be exhibit b, and yes my husband is a big kid. this seriously took him 2 minutes to go up ring the bell and come back down.
as mentioned earlier I didn’t feel 100% the first two days aboard, so we thought to try sea bracelets, yeah they didn’t work but here is my pouting because they really aren’t fashionable and were itchy. I know whine, whine 😉
this night we went for supper at another specialty restaurant, la cucina – italian restaurant. I loved the decor in this restaurant, and it was at the very front of the ship, not so good for the whole movement issue but very pretty. this was $10 per person. we started with an appy plate of hummus, veggies – the other items escape me now so not memorable enough to mention and probably one the best bread baskets ever. then we had ordered appys, me a salad, chad calamari. entrees followed – me, shrimp risotto (good but a tad too salty) and chad had pork and gnocchi. dessert was tiramisu, chad loves it me -not so much.
I will leave you with a photo of our room (very comfy and roomy – no complaints here) and towel animal #2, mr.bunny.

next time on the honeymoon recap, our first port day – st. maarten.

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