honeymoon recap part 3!

onto the exciting part, the PORTS! first up – st.maarten. on tuesday we woke up, I hopped out to the balcony and took a picture of this:

welcome to st.maarten! we had decided that our port days would be non-workouts days so we could get off the ship sooner and make our way to the beach bright and early. after chowing down on some food we disembarked at phillipsburg.

as per the suggestion of our awesome travel agent, we hit up the beach first – orient beach to be exact.
it was a tad windy, but still beautiful.
the beach was lined with lounge chair and umbrellas – which you had to rent, we were sucked into the first ones we saw and paid $20 for 2 chairs and an umbrella…later on, on our walk down the beach we found you could get the same for $15 and that included 2 free drinks! bummer! haha

chad had a tad of sun stroke from the previous 2 days and quite the sunburn so he chilled like this:

confession time, I am not a fan of the ocean, I think its pretty and all and I love to lay by it and suntan but as for going in it – not this girls thing. this was as far as I went it this day (plus the wind made for big waves!)

ps the headband – a last minute decision before we got off the ship, very good idea with the wind!

another shot of the beach

after grabbing lunch at the beach – just a little beach hut basically – I got the shrimp and salsa wrap and guess what was in it?! shrimp and salsa – that’s it! haha, never less it was a-okay.
next up we headed back to downtown phillipsburg for some shopping.

after wandering the downtown area of quite awhile we decided it was break time and stopped for drinks. I had a guava berry colada – guava berry is their national berry I think because it was everywhere! and the drink – delicious!

chad waiting to get our drinks 🙂

that night we went to the second city comedy as well as the ice bar – everything was made from ice and it was -10 inside, and they gave you these beautiful jackets to wear:

us trying to get a photo of us together, think it might be easier just to ask a stranger? nah, this is way more fun!

and I will leave you with towel animal number 4 – mr.elephant 🙂

next up, second port – st, thomas, our personal favorite.

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