Interview with Avery – 3.5 Years

I have done this before and want to every 6 months or so to look back on. Last weekend I asked Avery some questions then took some photos of her to remember 3.5 years of age πŸ™‚

She is growing up way too fast, I look back on photos from a year ago and can hardly believe my eyes when I look at her now. In some photos she looks more like 12 to me than 3.5.

She is my little “gold” child through and through. Everything is okay when kept in routine and order πŸ˜‰ She is a pretty smart little cookie though hides it from us then when we are not paying attention she will do/say things that have us thinking “really?!”.

I feel like these last 6 months she turned a new page and her listening is way better, temper tantrums are rare and 95% of the time she is pretty darn happy. I joke that this summer would have been much better to have off with her than last πŸ˜‰

Okay onto her “interview:

How old are you? Three

What is your name? Avery D Knudson

Where do you live? (street name), Red Deer, planet earth Canada

Favourite breakfast? Noodles with soy sauce (she never eats this for breakfast!)

Favourite fruit? Strawberries

Favourite vegetable? Cumbers – aka cucumbers

Favourite drink? Chocolate milk

Favourite colour? Pink and purple

Favourite book? My Jasmine book

Favourite song? Handclap song

Favourite show/movie? Shimmer and Shine

Favourite animal? Zebras and giraffes

Favorite place to go? My Mom’s work

Favourite thing to do with Mommy? Play hide and seek

Who is your best friend? Robbie and Haley – dayhome kids πŸ™‚

Favourite family activity? Colour…umm she hates colouring 90% of the time!

What do you want to be when you grow up? A witch

What makes you happy? YOU

What is your favourite season? Summer Why? Because I like the sun andΒ the beach


14 thoughts on “Interview with Avery – 3.5 Years

  1. Kelly

    I think 3 is such a fun age! Although if you ask Swede her age these days she always says she's 16! Haha, I am not ready for that! I've been doing something similar in our annual family photo albums with a photo and a list of the kids' favorite things every six months or so. The funniest answers are the ones that are completely untrue!

  2. Linda

    this is adorable….my best quote from Avery:
    Avery: my tummy hurts
    Me: What will make your tummy feel better?
    Avery: pickles…..
    …….and vodka

  3. Ashley

    Good to hear the listening ears might get better over here!!! Haha, just a few more months to go! Can't believe how grown up she is looking these days!!


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