Learning to Relax

Happy Monday or if you live in Alberta – Happy Voting Day! And please do me a HUGE favorite a vote, you have until 8pm tonight… EDIT, I hope you voted since its after 8pm now… But I won’t going into my usually lecture and leave it at that 😉

Yesterday afternoon and evening was relaxing (maybe almost boring? Haha), we sat on the deck & enjoyed the sun, watched hockey, caught up on all PVR’d TV shows, I did some prep for meals this week, read blogs, watched more TV… and went to bed by 10pm. Even though I tend to get bored on days/nights like that I know that I need that down time and it does not need to be go, go, go all the time. I can (and should) just sit on the couch and relax sometimes.

I was having a great sleep until a unnamed cat brat knocked a pill bottle off the dresser at 5:55am – let’s be honest, totally my fault for leaving something out of place… Seeing as it was only 20 minutes before my alarm I staggered into the shower. Truth time – I think that 80% of the time I am still sleeping when I am showering. Shampoo instead of face wash, conditioner before shampoo, yup I have done it all!

The mouth is still a tad tender today so I had a strawberry banana protein smoothie in a bowl this morning, with my coffee, oh and chocolate… Did I ever tell you guys about my latest addiction? A piece of chocolate at 7am, every day for 3 weeks now. I did care, but am over it now and am going to keep eating it.

My morning flew by thanks to a hour acupuncture appointment, going to vote and lunch with Chad (he even bought!). Then this afternoon I had to buckle down and work…

After work we decided we better get to the gym since it is a crazy week and we might only get there today and Friday. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical before doing a core and ab workout for 30 minutes. Some bicycle crunches, planks (regular and side), side crunches with 15lbs, v-sits, scissors…

Thanks to my prep work last night, supper was easy! Sundried tomato & spinach grilled cheese with salad. To make the pesto I put a cup of basil, 2/3 cups sundried tomatoes, 3T EVOO, 2 garlic cloves and 2T nutritional yeast into the Vitamix and blended away.


On homemade bread too 🙂 This was a new loaf – yogurt wheat germ. The salad was spinach, cherry tomatoes, green onions, cucumbers and avocado with a homemade dressing – evoo, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper. Lately, we I’ve been mixing up our own salad dressings – way better than bottled! I will never go back!

Remember, how I was not going to shop this month at all? Haha. Yeah that did not happen and I have shopped too much. I am actually kind of scared to get everything I ordered online, Chad might start to notice and my cover will be blown. I picked up the below shirt from Superstore on the weekend:


Blue striped shirt – joe via Superstore

Black dress pants – RW&Co

Black dress shoes – Mossimo via Target

Earnings (NEW) – Hematite Studs – Stella & Dot

I might be MIA the next few days, here is why – tomorrow – work event till 7:30pm, then home & eat and swimming, Wednesday – Elton John concert (floor seats!!), Thursday – Charity Dessert Gala. A busy but super fun week ahead!

Now I am off to watch the election coverage – total nail biter!


What was the last thing you bought?

I wish I could say that shirt but I was suckered into the 30% off online Old Navy sale this morning and bought this dress and these shorts. In my defense those are my favorite shorts, and for $15 plus 30% off?! And well the dress is too cute…

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