Long Weekend Recap

Just sitting here realizing how much I LOVE long weekends, thankfully soon enough 9 months of long weekends – well, kind of 😉


Hmm…Oh yeah, after Avery was in bed I started a DIY for C’s nursery. I am trying to keep things simple with only a couple small projects this time – no dresser to refinish – woot woot!



Chad headed to the rental early to get things going there, thankfully we made good progress and am SO close to having it ready. We are both perfectionists so probably went over the top with fixes and cleaning. Anyways, Avery and I went shopping and then got groceries before coming home to attempt nap time. Spoiler alert – she did not nap – Saturdays are the worst for some odd reason.

Instead we cleaned and had lunch before going to help Chad.


Oh and of course the no nap kid fell asleep on the drive so I got Starbucks and hung out in the car for a bit.


Our afternoon was spent cleaning, Avery does so good thankfully and loves to help us.


Then there is my Mom who was helped a ton, secretly I think being pregnant helps this 😉 haha. We did not finish up until supper time so headed to Mucho Burrito for supper then raced home so we could get to the fireworks in a nearby town (Sylvan Lake).

Avery hated them – too loud she said, but then after she asked for more and told us they were Dora, Benny, Boots and cat fireworks – toddlers are SO weird.

20160213_191131 20160213_190954

Chad and I had planned to watch some TV but both were so tired and went to bed. I then woke up at 12:30am and did not get back to sleep until 3am ACK.


Valentine’s! To be honest it is not a huge holiday for us or a favourite of mine but we still always have a good day just being together.

I started my morning with Pump and a short treadmill walk. My toe has had a few mishaps lately and is kind of sore again.

Chad spoiled me with flowers:


We got Avery a few small things:


When Chad was working out Avery and I made pink waffles for brunch with strawberry sauce and honey Greek yogurt, oh and sprinkles.



Since it really has been a lot of work lately and no play we let Avery choose an afternoon activity for after her nap, and she choose swimming. Just what her 32 week pregnant mother wanted to hear – HA.

So after nap time we headed to the pool.


It was busy but that was to be expected and we had fun for an hour then headed to Home Depot for a few things. Side note – Avery loves Home Depot for some reason, it was just as exciting as swimming…

I attempted a photo of Chad and Avery (for his parents), thanks A for cooperating…


Literally seconds later:


Once home we got to work on supper which was a lot easier than I thought and enjoyed a family supper followed by cupcakes my Mom bought us 🙂


After cleaning up, getting Avery to bed, and starting this post I was done and spent the rest of the night not moving far from the couch!


Monday was Family Day but we spent most of the day apart, which is why we spent Sunday together 🙂

I got in my morning workout, 3km “run” which is a run/walk now that about 21-22 minutes. Oddly, my toe hurts more walking than running… Then I followed it up by some weights.


After I was ready Chad headed off to run some errands and go to the rental house. Avery and I went for a walk to the park that is just a few minutes away and she loved it! We also saw a skating rink right there so now she wants to go skating – in reality she thinks she wants to go, but we still will try it out.

20160215_102053 20160215_102129

I see MANY hours spent here this summer with my girls 🙂

We came home, Avery had a nap and I made these delicious avocado chocolate muffins:


My brother and his girlfriend came for a visit, we chatted for a bit then they left and we went to see Chad and my Mom who were hard at work! Thank goodness for those two, now the house is ready for our tenants and we just have a few outdoor things to bring over to our house.

The rest of the day was uneventful really, some TV watching, DIY’ing for the nursery (one of two things I am doing – keeping it easy!), supper and getting ready for work.

Now I am ready for a short work week – crazy to think I only have 7 weeks left or less if my c-section is before 39 weeks!




15 thoughts on “Long Weekend Recap

  1. Ashley

    Love the arrow!! Sounds like a very productive weekend to me!! Yay for getting the rental house done – that probably feels like a big thing off your list!!

    1. arunningtale

      Michaels! It was maybe $7? I got it a few months ago if not longer with no idea what I would do with it but decided it could be a hanger for her towels etc. So I bought some decorative knobs for it too. Soo crafty – lol.
      They move in on the 25th!

  2. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Sounds like you guys had a fun and busy weekend! I'm impressed with all you do being pregnant haha! Must feel soooo good to have the old house all cleaned and ready now!

  3. P. Jeanne

    I can't get over how grown up Avery is looking these days!! Can't wait to get the kiddos together again some day <3 So glad to hear you guys made some good progress in the rental, bet that feels good! Hope you have a nice week 😀

  4. Nicole

    Can't wait to see the nursery!! So far I'm loving the theme!

    That's pretty convenient that you are pregnant while moving!! I'll have to consider that when it comes time for us to move! Kidding… kind of!


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