Long Weekend Recap

Not going to lie here this weekend was pretty lame. Dang rain! Though in Alberta we should expect it if not snow πŸ™ After four days of rain I am ready for sun this week!


Day one of the rain. We baked, went and bought craft supplies, made pom pom caterpillars and kept busy inside singing “rain, rain, go away”.

20160520_094212 20160520_105818 20160520_155315

That evening I met up with Becky and LauraΒ at the new Orange Theory Fitness which is a couple minutes away from my house. Review coming this week!


After we had a drink at Browns then headed home.


The rain let up for a few hours, just enough time to have a short garage sale, which actually was pretty busy for a bit. My in-laws brought up lunch over and watched the girls while we got things ready.

Chloe had a 2.5 hour nap in the garage in a snowsuit – thankfully I kept Avery’s – never thought Chloe would need it!


We ended the day with tacos – I think this is a new Saturday tradition and watching hockey.



I started my day with a treadmill run! 5km in just under 30 minutes πŸ™‚

20160522_083218 IMG_20160522_075619

After Chad’s workout we headed for brunch with friends that ran the Woody’s Marathon, they are all brave, it was so rainy and cold out!


The rest of our day was spent doing things around the house, watching Zootopia, eating popcorn and hanging out.

20160522_121852 20160522_143641 20160522_134354


I felt like I was coming down with a cold Sunday but thankfully woke up okay. I took advantage of Chad being home since it was a holiday and worked out. A 2 mile run followed by my first Hard Corps workout.

20160523_083746 (1)

Avery and I ran out to do a couple errands late morning then since the rain stopped we came home and opened up the garage sale again. It was a slow start but picked up and we made a decent amount of money. Chloe once again loved her snowsuit and slept for 2.5 hours in it.


Later we had some craft time and then it was supper!


I had been craving a kale an quinoa salad for awhile – soo good!

And that was our May long, not how I thought it would be with all the nice weather lately but that is okay!


12 thoughts on “Long Weekend Recap

  1. thebexfactor

    Such a miserable weekend, but glad that your garage sale was still pretty successful! It was great seeing you twice!!

  2. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Such a cold, dreary weekend, but I expect nothing less on the May Long weekend lol! I actually enjoyed having a good reason to stay indoors and close to home. Nice work on the running! Can't believe how speedy you already are!

    1. arunningtale

      I should not expect great weather haha! If I did not plan the garage sale I would have enjoyed it more though it was nice to do nothing Sunday!
      Thanks, it helped that I ran until the last few weeks for sure!

    1. arunningtale

      Wednesday the post is coming! I liked it though πŸ™‚
      It was great and I am SO sore today! I am semi following the plan but swapping most of their cardio workouts for running then doing all the other days. But I love that it is only 22 mins so always easy to get in even on days I do a short run.

    1. arunningtale

      I just did the one workout yesterday so far, I am swapping their cardio days for running usually since I am also training for races. Anyways, I was SO sore yesterday, my butt and hamstrings took a beating!


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