Long Weekend Recap

And just like that our little staycation is over and it is August. Craziness. We had a great long weekend and I took way too many photos…


We took a mini trip to a zoo that is only 30 minutes away, Discovery Wildlife Zoo. I love this zoo, there is so much space and all the animals seem to be out and about more. This was probably our best trip yet, we got there right when it opened so it was not busy at all and all the animals were out and close to the fences.

Screenshot_20160729-141625 Screenshot_20160729-141322 IMG_20160729_111742 IMG_20160729_111157 20160729_141814 20160729_141537 20160729_141443 20160729_141411 20160730_210049

Avery was only disappointed she could not pet the bears and wolves – believe me if she could she would! That girl has zero fear.


She is also climbing obsessed these days:


After we grabbed Vietnamese food for lunch then headed back home.

It was a hot afternoon so after naps we set up the pool and enjoyed some cold beverages in the yard.

IMG_20160729_154427 20160730_210332

Since long weekends are all about indulging (am I right?!) we went to the video store after supper to rent movies and got ice cream there – brilliant to sell ice cream there! Avery got a princess movie and we got Dirty Grandpa – great for some good laughs, not child friendly 😉


A farmers market trip was a very successful trip since I found someone to build me new garden boxes!! I know I could do it on my own but these days some things are worth paying for. After we grabbed groceries and headed home.

After naps we decided to take a trip down to Bower Ponds, at first we planned to bike down but I did not trust the clouds so we drove. We played on the playground, Avery insisted she needed a hot dog, checked out the pollinator area and well played Pokemon 😉

20160730_151915 IMG_20160730_161828 IMG_20160730_162510 20160730_151425


Later we helped my brother move, and of course it poured rain right as we did so then we checked out their new place and headed home. Once the girls were in bed we played some Scrabble and stayed up too late doing so.


I had the worst letters the entire time…


15km run to start our day:


I thought we were having bad luck with the running selfie but then realized my phone was doing burst shots so I had a ton of photos. Oops.

I finally got back in the brunch game with cinnamon waffles and peach compote from the BC peaches my inlaws brought us.


Chad wanted to get our shed built so I took the girls downtown to a street performers festival (Centrefest) with my Mom, then my brother and girlfriend met us there too.


Avery loved this gymnastics area, made me wish the classes worked for us (only during the day, parented and I cannot bring Chloe):


Then Avery spotted a girl with her face painted and that was her next mission, $9 later this was one happy girl.

20160731_165157 IMG_20160731_164431 Our long weekend tradition is to have a fire and s’mores so once Chloe was asleep we did just that. Avery insisted on doing hers all by herself:

20160731_195851 20160731_195442


Our plan for the day involved finishing the shed, well that was Chad’s 😉 So we just hung out at home all day, my Mom came and helped for a bit too which helped a ton!

These cheeks kill me:


IMG_20160801_105800 IMG_20160801_132623

After supper we hit the park and Chloe went for her first park swing:


I swear she did not hate it!

And just like that the weekend was over!



7 thoughts on “Long Weekend Recap

  1. thebexfactor

    What a fun weekend you guys had. I love the photo of Avery with her face painted. I still need to visit the zoo this year. I'm thinking that might be on the agenda for this weekend.

  2. Kelly

    Another great weekend!
    I love Avery's pigtails… Been thinking Swede might be old enough to grow her hair out a little now – We'll see!
    I need more waffles in my life.


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